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Calla In Motion

Go for the Glow

Lindsey Calla

Living the #sweatlife

Top: Lululemon, Shorts: One Teaspoon

Happy Monday!  I've been spending a ton of time this summer doing hot yoga and reaping the benefits of sweating a little extra in the summer months.  I kind of feared the idea of exercising in a hot and humid room but I was hooked after the first experience.  As it exhausting as it was, it ultimately left me with more energy and sense of renewal.  Here are some amazing benefits that I've noticed.

I drink way more water.  My quest to give up diet soda is still ongoing but the more I do a hardcore sweat session the less I want to refuel my body with chemicals.  I just know that my body needs to replenish the water it has lost so it's given me a kick in the butt to drink way more water.

It levels out any hormonal excess water weight. I hate the roller coaster that we go through during the course of the month and letting go of some of that excess water has made me feel more in balance.  It's tough to even get off the couch during this time but I gain more energy in addition to feeling lighter and less bloated.

It helps increase flexibility.  I'm one of the least flexible people on the planet.  I had a knee injury in college playing lacrosse and have always struggled with tight hamstrings and really tight range of motion in my hips.  This is part of the reason why I started doing more yoga and when the room is hot I can really sink into positions easier and challenge how far my flexibility can go.

My skin glows.  I can't imagine what is exactly coming out of my pores but I know that it is detoxifying and if you're healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside.  It also can be related back to drinking more water as well so the benefits truly are amazing.

Hot yoga is definitely a tough mental challenge as well and I would exercise caution and research it a little before you go the first time.  I also think that any activity that really makes you sweat is just as beneficial.  I just don't sweat as much when I do normal cardio and weight training so I try to combine all of this and alternate so I'm getting a detox effect while building strength and cardio through different activities.

Thanks for reading!

Photos: Marianna MasseyReyn Studios Nola

xo, SG