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Calla In Motion

Green Chef: Wedding Prep with Keto at Home

Lindsey Calla


Being based in New Orleans means a lot of access to rich, soulful food.  From a tourist perspective, it’s heaven! From a local’s perspective, it’s a challenge.  It’s made me want to become a better cook so Kris and I can have access to healthy food and fuel our busy bodies with light, nutrient rich food.  The tiny problem here is I’m not really that experienced as a cook.  I have maybe 3 great things in my wheel-house and I make them over and over and over.  My friends at Green Chef, a USDA-certified organic meal kit company, reached out to see if I wanted to give them a try!  So I decided to bring the experience of this deliciously fresh delivery option to life and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Kris and I, and my whole family really, are looking to stay as healthy as we can before the wedding.  And to be honest, I’m kinda mentally checked out with all of the planning and don’t have a spare brain cell to think about sourcing all kinds of ingredients for a lavish meal from the store.  Green Chef is like having a nutritional coach who also happens to be an amazing sous chef.

Green Chef organic ingredients have no GMOs, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth horomones or steroids

Keto Delivered

Keto is really hyped at the moment and rightfully so!  I have friends who swear by it so I thought it would be fun to test out.  These dinners are low-carb with no dairy or gluten: great for inflammation and also great for recipe inspiration.  It’s hard to think about what food combinations are good while walking around a store!  They also offer a range of dietary lifestyles like Paleo, Omnivore and Vegan as well.  I’m really trying to eat as clean as possible both for my skin and my energy.

4 (1 of 1).jpg

What I Loved 

Easy Packaging & Delivery: I had three meals delivered with ingredients neatly and clearly packaged and kept fresh and cold upon arrival.  I thought it would be fun to give my sister in law and brother a break from the kiddos and cook them the Brazilian Tuna Moqueca meal.  The kids had fun helping to unbox.

Crisp, Colorful Ingredients:  This dish in particular was like eating the rainbow.   Every single vegetable was crisp and fresh like it was hand-picked from a farm stand.  The radishes were my favorite.   I didn’t realize you could soften them by cooking this way and they are even more delicious treating them as a warm root veggie (great for my Vata digestion) rather than just a crispy raw garnish for a salad.

Simple Steps:  I was blown away by how easy the steps were for cooking such a complex flavor and the cleanup was also a breeze.  I’m like a tornado in the kitchen so having each ingredient measured out for me already was helpful.  The hardest part about the whole thing was keeping Riley the Puggle away from the meal.

Modern Flavor- Green Chef is on the up and up on what’s trending and they also understand that nutritious can be flavorful.  It’s all about the spices and flavors rather than resorting to adding excess salt and sugar.  I prefer this way of eating.  This Tuna had sriracha and coconut to round out the flavor and it was delicious!   

If you’re looking to try it out I have a discount code to share for your first Green Chef order! 

Let me know if you try it or have tried it and what your favorite meal was!  x