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Harbour Island

Calla In Motion

Harbour Island

Lindsey Calla

I love the ocean because of it's commitment to harmony and balance.  Tiny microscopic red-shelled animals cling to the coral along this shoreline and play a huge part in helping the environment.  If that wasn't enough to be thankful for, these little single cell overachievers also get crushed and mixed up with the waves leaving us a gorgeous rosy reminder of their presence. To find a pink sand beach is an incredible energy to behold.  In fact, what's even more interesting is pink as an energy or aura is a color of balance.  It's pink in the most understated way, though, reminding me that the most beautiful things in life are the ones that don't seek out too much attention. I can tell you that most of the images you'll see on google have been considerably enhanced.  There's a subtle beauty to this beach that doesn't need need an extra saturation filter to be appreciated.  

This is an easy day trip from the hotel I stayed at on North Eleuthera.  Our water taxi was filled with locals hitching a ride, one man who had to travel to HI to get to the bank to pull money out. No atms in true, authentic paradise.  Some tips: 

  • Eat lobster quesadillas at Sip Sip
  • Pick Sea grapes from trees for a snack on.
  • Visit Bahamas Coffee Roasters for organic fare, juices, granola bowls
  • Try a fresh conch bowl from the local vendors, usually hanging out in tents by the harbour. 
  • Take a jog around the island and seek out The Lone Tree.  I didn't actually make it there which is one of my biggest regrets.  Apparently it was painted white by Ralph Lauren for a shoot then placed back in the water.
  • If I were to stay on the actual island, I would search VRBO for beach cottages.  The houses here are so authentic and some date back a few hundred years.