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Hair Fuel

Calla In Motion

Hair Fuel

Lindsey Calla

Managing a thick head of hair while also trying to be active often was something that I couldn't get quite right.  My hair would be dry and completely stripped of any signs of health, which is what I talked about recently in one of my previous posts.  I've never dyed my hair and I don't put a lot of heat to it these days so it should maintain its health after washing.  Something wasn't adding up.  The biggest piece of advice I hear when I complain about this is that you just have to switch your shampoos often, so I would have like five different bottles cluttering the shower.  A really good shampoo/conditioner should work every time.  Imagine a car only working if you had to put different gas types in it on different days!  All of this led me to a partnership with Pantene as they put 30 years of research into rebuilding their shampoos.  I have to be completely honest here that I partnered with Pantene to talk about their new shampoo re-formulation because I am 100% in love and believe in the results that I've had with using (I mean, look at how shiny my hair is! No fancy blowout, I washed and dried it myself at home).  It is the real deal.  

I had a call with them to hear about what changed.  Basically they completely restructured the innovation curve of shampoo and realized that they can add lipids (normally found just in conditioners) to shampoos to replenish hair’s natural lipids lost due to damage, strengthening and fueling the hair from the core when washing.  The formula also includes antioxidants, which I'm a big believer in because they help strength the protein structure against oxidation.  So they are, in a sense, approaching strengthening the hair as you would fuel your body:  Give it the right balance of nutrients, natural oils and antioxidants daily to actively fuel the hair. It is quite honestly the biggest change in my hair I've seen in terms of strength, shine and softness after washing and blow drying daily, rather than skipping washing and letting oils build up to try to add shine.  The new shampoos just launched this January. I really love the Daily Moisture Renewal AND Beautiful Lengths Shampoos. I am obsessed!  

I'm working on some tutorials for these braids I've been showing on the blog lately so stay tuned. This one I love in particular because it's a pretty easy update to a regular pony tail and it still swings and has movement.  If you try this all out let me know! Would love to hear your thoughts and experience.


Braid Photos: Marianna Massey

Thanks Pantene for sponsoring this post! <3