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Herbal Steam

Calla In Motion

Herbal Steam

Lindsey Calla

I just started a new section called Botanical Beauty that stems (pun intended?) from my obsession with this resurgence of herbalism, especially right here in America.  When I visited Renate, the herbalist from the Alps, I was so inspired by the idea of approaching beauty to sync with the rhythm of the Earth.  The natural beauty industry is gaining more and more speed as a backlash against the lax regulations in our country for toxic chemicals being allowed in products. It's incredibly overwhelming so it has forced me to seek out pure and natural ways to improve my skin. The best part is that it actually works!  These are recipes and concoctions that have existed for millennia and I'm so happy to see it making a huge comeback in 2016 and watching how brands are fusing the old and new together. 

That brings me to herbal facial steams which if you haven't tried you must get on board asap.  It's a simple way to detox, hydrate and restore balance to the skin.  If I am doing a mask I'll steam first to open and unclog my pores and then let the mask sink in to get the deepest level of hydration possible.  The best part is it's SO easy to incorporate into a routine.  All it takes is a bowl, a towel and some hot boiling water.  Three steps:

  • Pour the contents of the dried herbs into a bowl
  • Add boiling hot water
  • Put a towel over your head to trap the steam as you put your face near the herbs (be careful not to burn your skin if it's too hot).  
  • Breathe for 5-10 minutes and enjoy