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High Performance Luxe Activewear

Calla In Motion

High Performance Luxe Activewear

Lindsey Calla

One of the things I love about activewear right now is the fusion of high performance with high style.  It's both fascinating and exciting to watch the space advance in tech but also have such a firm grasp on the lifestyle of the stylishly fit modern woman.  Fit is such an important part of my workout experience, as crazy as that sounds, because it has to hold up in various movements but also not make me feel defeated before I even step into a workout.  Just like a bad fitting pair of jeans that accentuates the negatives, a pair of tights with a bad fit or a sports bra with spillage is all wrong.  These particular leggings come with a pretty high price tag for activewear and I had to see what the hype was about.  Squeezing into them is the hardest part but once they are on they give enough to mold to the body with a razor thin fabric that really moves. The designer behind them has a swim background and I could really see that influence in this fabric.  They are incredibly light and almost melt away leaving enough compression to support the muscles but a graphic design that flatters the feminine physique.  It's seamless, fused together with iron rather than stitched, so it lays so well on the body.    

This isn't sponsored in any way but I thought it was interesting to report on these because they carry a really high price.  I only considered purchasing after I felt them in person when I popped into Bandier in NYC.  If you're looking for something that has a really advanced technical fit then these definitely work. I actually would love them in black so I can wear them out just as leggings for active days filled with errands, etc.  Here's info on them:

Tights: Lucas Hugh (in black)
Black bra: Without Walls via Urban Outfitters

Photos: Marianna Massey