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Hill Country Heaven at Lake Austin Spa

Calla In Motion

Hill Country Heaven at Lake Austin Spa

Lindsey Calla

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There are so many places that are so incredible to experience that I make efforts to go back as often as I can.  I think it speaks to a true authentic passion for uncovering these places that keeps me wanting to pack my bags and share with you all.   Lake Austin Spa is one of those little gems.  It's just so darn down home but the quality of their programs and treatments is world class.   I went with my fiance before we got engaged and we returned around Thanksgiving to re-see the property with fresh eyes.  Since being there my first time, I've traveled a lot all over the world and experienced beautiful properties but this place still has such a beautiful place in my heart. 

Soothing & Inspiring Hidden Corners

What I love about this place is that it's laid out with thought and care for well-being.  It's not ostentatious in design but rather homey and comforting in a luxurious way.  The property is meant to be explored and encourages withdraw and quiet introspection.  Hidden outdoor showers, a meditative labyrinth within the organic farm and cozy hammocks dot the property.  Austin is a boom town and it's encroached further out in the Hill Country but LAS still feels a world away. 

One of my favorite spots to chill is the pool barn.  Heated to 85 degrees, it's one of the most incredibly well-designed indoor pools I've ever seen.  Hill country heaven!!  They also were one of the first to use herbs from their own organic garden to use in spa treatments.

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Reconnecting with My Feminine Ancestors

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I had a really powerful treatment there called Gifts & Graces with an incredibly intuitive specialist named Elizabeth.  I've been struggling with a left-side neck issue and a left hamstring injury recently which has completely stifled my yoga practiced.  I've been frustrated and stuck and it was truly meant to be that our paths crossed.  She wasn't supposed to work that night and I had moved my appointment at the last minute.  She performed a mix of Craniosacral and myofascial release energy work to help clear these issues.

What she told me blew my mind.  Our left side holds memory from our female ancestors and our right side is male.  Being constantly hurt on my left side means that my female ancestors were weaker and there's memory of trauma there.  By adjusting the energy flow and some structural issues she was able to rebalance my body and relieve this chronic pain.  I'm a believer about this energy work but I'm also a realist.  This treatment was outstanding and my hamstring no longer is a bother.  It's quite amazing!  They also serve alcohol and cook with tasty ingredients but monitor portion size.  They won't restrict you too much but I always feel energetic and my skin glows when I leave. 

Yoga & Activities Day And Night

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On top of having amazing spa treatments you also have delicious farm to table healthy meals and a whole list of seasonal actives to choose from.  There are cooking demos, paddle boards to use, all kinds of meditation and yoga and creative classes like painting. I did candlelight yoga with acoustic guitar and took the paddle boards out one morning when the fog was sitting on the lake.  Pure heaven! 

Good To Know

When to Go:  Austin is beautiful all year!  I love spring and fall, summer is hot but there's plenty of water activities to stay cool. 
Best Rooms:  They just updated their Luxury Garden Rooms with gorgeous soaking tubs, backyard private gardens and comfy beds.  It's just beautiful. 
Hidden Secrets: There's a frozen yogurt button.  You push it and they bring you the flavor of the day.
Best Treatments:  The thai massages are done on a gorgeous screened in porch, very nature oriented.  The Gifts & Graces as mentioned was an awesome energy treatment to experience.  They also have a specialist in Eastern/Japanese treatments as well as Ayurveda.  I have to admit I had 3 facials (!) and we did everything from Tria laser, microcurrent and oxygen.  My skin was beyond glowy. 
Special Notes:  Inspired by my favorite book, A Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J Nichols (highly recommend!), they created a program of new activities all centered around water.  I'm such a water child so I was overwhelmed with options everyday that got me in/on/near the water to help enhance well-being.  
How to Get There:  Super easy! Fly into Austin airport and the hotel can even arrange a pick up downtown and take you to the property by boat!  It's an awesome way to arrive.