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Hit The Trails

Calla In Motion

Hit The Trails

Lindsey Calla

Fall is the best time to get out and experience nature with its changing colors and brisk climate. There really is nothing better than filling your lungs with crisp, cool air when you’re out training on the trails. Once you decide to make the forest your gym, it’s important to consider having the right training gear to go with the elements.

The threat of ticks, sticks and poisonous leaves is real so being a little extra covered up is key. Differences in temperature when you get to somewhere more mountainous is also something to consider but the innovations in fabrics for athletic wear has come so far that it doesn’t mean I have to layer like a marshmallow women. This is climawarm from adidas so it’s meant to withstand those temperature drops while also being breathable. I also always go for tights that extend longer through the leg and ankle (maybe even thicker, higher socks to really seal that gap) and a jacket that has extended sleeves with thumbholes and a higher neckline.

I can’t really describe in words just how much better I feel when I’m outside of a city, breathing fresh air and just prioritizing being in nature. I find that my anxiety starts to really kick in when I push myself too hard and move at a pace that’s not healthy. The funny thing is that I actually feel like I have more clarity and can be more productive when I reduce my pace of living. I challenge you this week/weekend to put down the phone and just take in the beauty of whatever landscape you find inspiring.

Jacket, bra, tights, shoes: adidas

Xo, SG