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A Holiday Meditation Staycation

Calla In Motion

A Holiday Meditation Staycation

Lindsey Calla

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I love being in hotel rooms because they are clear of all my life clutter.  In my home I let things build up too much and the holiday hustle isn’t helping me stay on top of things!  We also will be away so much this December that we decided not to decorate for the holidays.  So, to help celebrate we decided to do a little intention setting meditation staycation in New Orleans.  I wanted to be in a space that cleared my mind and let me get a few things checked off my list while also checking out a new boutique hotel in town that has stunning holiday décor.  We live in the loud French Quarter so a break to the Garden District is always welcome. 

I packed one outfit for the occasion, something that was cozy and comfortable that I could dress up or down along with my Kindle, a notebook and some sage.  *In New Orleans it’s always a good idea to clear rooms especially in 200 year old houses, on a supermoon evening especially!  I also brought it to help clear my mind and help me meet some of my deadlines for the month, plan new ideas for the new year and stay healthy.  

How to Have a Restorative Staycation

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Choose a place with calming colors.  The Henry Howard Hotel in town has this beautiful light blue toile wallpaper and 4-poster beds.  It instantly feels calming and helps quiet the mind.  
Pack soft and light.  I brought Lou & Grey sweatpants, which are SO SO soft, and a light cozy Lou & Grey tunic sweatshirt.  Super easy but still pulled together.  I can move in it and also go hang out in the neighborhood.  I always stock up on all the soft sweats  Lou & Grey has because they just have a way of making them look modern and polished. 
Forget the tv, bring a notebook.  Filling time with your own thoughts is so helpful and I love to make sure I write down whatever pops in my head while I'm out of my normal stimulating environment. 
Bring rituals.  I'm such a believer in rituals.  I love using aromatherapy to set a mood or bring out ideas and emotions.  It sounds crazy but intention setting on a full supermen is really telling.  I tend to be a lunatic on these nights so whatever is going through my head probably needs to be heard.  Sage can help clear spaces and also encourages clarity.  Sometimes if I'm in hotel rooms with a lot of nature coming in and out I'll use lavender to keep bugs away and stay calm. 
Digital detox.  You know I love my books.  Our eyes need a break from colorful stimulation so I either grab a real book or choose my paper white Kindle to destress a bit and lose myself in a good story.
Wind down with yoga in bed.  Gentle stretches such as twists, subtle hip openers, happy baby and child's pose can bring relaxation.

It's amazing how one night away can feel like a world away! 

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Photos: Marianna Massey