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Hot Yoga Sweat Tips

Calla In Motion

Hot Yoga Sweat Tips

Lindsey Calla

Photos: Marianna Massey, shot at Reyn Studios

Lindsey Calla

Hello, hello! If you follow me on instagram you probably know already that I am super into hot yoga. The benefits of sweating are endless from glowing skin to increased energy and I'm hooked on that feeling you get when you breathe through a pose and beads of sweat start coming out of your pores. Sounds gross but I always can tell if I'm dehydrated if I go through a tough class without sweating a lot. Yoga has a funny way of presenting the things that are off balance in your body!  And I kid you not, when we shot these photos the room was over 100 degrees!  The other tough part is figuring out how to leave class not looking like a sweaty mop of a person. Here are a few things I keep in my yoga bag to help with the aftermath.

Secret Clear Gel Deodorant- This is a water based gel so it works faster and leaves NO white marks on your clothing. It also dries incredibly fast so you feel fresh and get great odor protection for 48 hours. That covers class and whatever else I manage to get up to after. It's also way better option than a spray, in my opinion.  Big thanks to the Secret team for helping to inspire this post idea as well.

Drybar Triple Sec 3 in 1 volumizer, texturizer and refresher- This has a light dry shampoo to absorb oils so it leaves my hair refreshed and not weighed down from all of the sweat.  It also travels really well size-wise.

CamelBakwater bottle: I've been trying to carry these around with me everywhere so I drink more water. I feel good that I've been using less plastic bottles and it never leaks so I don't have to worry about spilling in my bag all over my phone or camera. Thank goodness for that because I once ruined my whole DSLR camera because a bottle spilled. Yikes.

Yoga bag: lululemon, Top: Vimmia, Bottoms: lululemon