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The Beauty of Pagosa Springs

Calla In Motion

The Beauty of Pagosa Springs

Lindsey Calla

Earth teach me renewal~as the seed that rises in the spring
— Ute

Imagine the energy that the deepest hot springs in the world can provide.  There's no actual recorded depth here, at the Mother Spring in Pagosa Springs.  I only discovered this beautiful, healing place because my fiance's family has a house here and I'm glad I did because it's one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado.  It's also incredible that this little Colorado town has escaped the crazy growth that Aspen & Telluride have experienced.  There's still magic here.  It's the art of slow living.  I've been waking up to do yoga by the river to smell of sweetgrass and watching the local residents fish along the banks.  We've been soaking in the mineral springs every day for a week and a half now and I feel back in balance.  

The mineral water is unique here because the depth is unknown and the high sulfur content.  I smell like eggs but my hair becomes shinier and my nails grow rapidly.  I can tell because I just started getting gel manicures and within 4 days they looked completely overgrown.  There's magnesium and potassium along with arsenic.  I've been in a ton of hot springs even close by around New Mexico and nothing makes me feel more rejuvenated than a soak in these particular springs.  Wars were fought over this land for many years and the healing powers run strong.

The key is plunging in the fresh river and then going for something around 106 degrees to reboot the circulation system.  There's no better feeling on Earth!  This place is worth a stop on any road trip or you can come stay at the spa hotel next to the springs.