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Wearable Fitness Meets Classic Timepiece- Tracking Routes for a Healthy Charleston Holiday

Calla In Motion

Wearable Fitness Meets Classic Timepiece- Tracking Routes for a Healthy Charleston Holiday

Lindsey Calla


I have to admit I’ve become a bit tech obsessed since focusing my creative energies on sport and photography.  It’s like opening up a whole new world of innovation and exploration and makes keeping an active lifestyle an easy priority.   There really are no excuses anymore.  Everything you could possibly need is right there with the flick of a wrist.   I’ve been testing out the Huawei Watch 2 all holiday season, which was perfect timing considering how hard it is to stay on track during these weeks.   Huawei has revolutionized the wearable active lifestyle watch by bringing the phone function to your wrist while also providing real-time health and workout data.  This watch is so lightweight and water-resistant I was able to wear it all day between rain storms, ocean beach walks and out and about finishing up holiday shopping.  It shipped to me at the perfect time, right before the holidays just as I was starting to lose track of my routines. 


We were in Charleston for the holidays and while I’m there I love to take advantage of all of the open spaces near the marsh and beach.  My niece and nephew got lacrosse sticks for Christmas so we spent some time throwing around outside and taking long beach walks.   It’s such an active, outdoor city.  You could go from the beach to lunch to shopping within minutes.  This watch allows me to go seamlessly from each place without relying so much on my phone & wallet. Pretty awesome, and kind of a relief to put my phone away to be honest.  Here are some highlights:

Run & Workout Support

The best way to learn a city is to run it so while I was in Charleston for the holidays I also took the opportunity to run the Ravenel Bridge.  It has a really slight steady incline so it’s not as challenging as it may seem at first glance.  This route is pretty popular and a great place to gather some height in the low country. There are so many run benefits to this watch that I could go on for paragraphs:

  • Built-in live GPS to track the route- I'm still getting to know the city so this was a big help! It has a really fast connection.
  • Quick start running modes (I chose fat burning run because Christmas cookie overload)
  • Run guidance including when to accelerate or decelerate
  • A detailed report that advises recovery
  • Music synced with Google Play
  • App syncing including Uber app (because running home from a run is so turn of the century!)
  • Bluetooth connection for wireless headphones

Something else I learned about with this watch was my VO2max score.  This measures how much oxygen an individual can maximize during activity.  So basically it tells a bit about you're endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness.  

Classic Design Meets Sport

My favorite part about the watch design is the changeable watch faces.  I loved the classic, which balances the sporty design with a classic timepiece look.  It also gathers your location and shows the constellations and the moon phase (perfect for planning Ashtanga yoga practice).  It’s those little details that make it perfect for lifestyle and not just for working out. If you want a sport watch that has all of these capabilities and looks like a classic timepiece this is a stellar option! Some other favorite features:

  • Syncing texts and calls
  • NFC payment options without wallet present
  • Super long battery life
  • Hands-free experience with sensors responding to wrist gestures
  • Google assistant

I really loved having a fitness watch that feels like a real watch.   They also make the Huawei Watch 2 with an interchangeable leather band which looks really sharp.  It’s all about simplifying lately and isolating the things that make being healthy a bit easier.  That’s my priority for 2018 and we are so lucky to live in a time where we have this kind of support!

I'm now up in Highlands, NC in the mountains and excited to give this puppy a try up here on some trails and see how the slight altitude affects my workouts!  I should be able to get in some more incline training before heading back down to below sea level. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend! Many thanks to Huawei for letting me test out this wearable and for the support in sponsoring this post!