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Calla In Motion


Lindsey Calla

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all

The most precious things in life move at the simplest rhythms.  In my travels this year, like most travelers, I've had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people from various backgrounds, identities, and cultures and the biggest takeaway is always the simplest.  It's not intensity that brings happiness and balance and harmony.  The Hawaiians value the land and being grounded with the earth.  A Cree Native American I met in Sedona values his elders and the wisdom of age and time.  It's inspiring and that fresh perspective is the reason why I'll continue to dream and plan and cross oceans.  A few weeks back I traveled to Greece with a small team consisting of myself, Marianna and my fiancee to dream up and produce a shoot on the very charming Hydra Island.   We were commissioned by Barney's New York to bring Greek heritage brand, Ancient Greek Sandals, to life in their homeland.  In my research of the islands I came across Hydra and immediately was charmed by her simplicity.  Compared to mega-popular islands Santorini and Mykonos there was little written about the island but what I did find managed to sweep me off my leather strapped feet before I even stepped on the island.

Tales of Venetian rule, Sophia Loren and donkey-only transportation sparked my attention and imagination.  Like most amazing places on earth, the island gained recognition by welcoming and attracting a glamorous bohemian set of creatives which gave it a boom in the mid-1900s.  Time has pretty much stood still since then and for good reason.  To me, it is perfect.  My olive pigment basically jumped out of my skin with excitement as we jumped in the Aegean daily and soaked up a very warm April sun on the rocks of the harbor.  Simple rhythms.  

We wanted to really evoke a feeling of strength and beauty, pulling a little inspiration from the tradition of sport that was birthed out of Greece and also the resiliency of the people.  It was a Herculean task almost, to even begin to describe and do this island justice because the few people that are lucky to call this island home are some of the warmest, most-welcoming people I've ever met.  

There's so much to share but Barney's captured a lot of thoughts on their site, The Window.  Check out the story and definitely put Hydra on your bucket list.  I'll share some more thoughts in the upcoming days as well on my trip to Greece as a whole. 

Photos by Marianna Massey