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In Search of Su

Calla In Motion

In Search of Su

Lindsey Calla

In Turkish the word 'Su' means water.  I dove a little bit more into the word itself and I fell down a rabbit hole of ancient Turkish mythology.  It was filled with stories of goblin-like creatures beyond the deep blue sea who ravage lands with floods and other natural water phenomena. Our infatuation with water runs deep within our veins. 


What sparked my interest in this word is a gorgeous kaftan company based in Paris but made in Turkey called Su.  For a few years I've been collecting her kaftans and for years they've stayed at the forefront of my closet.  Natural, refined but raw, gracefully fluid, the Su kaftan is artisanal beachwear.  They move incredibly beautifully, almost as if you were slo-mo recording yourself sauntering through the sand.   Marianna and I packed a few of these gorgeous pieces into our 35 lb carry-on Watermakers Air limit to cruise down to the Exumas for the week.  The goal? Find our Su and just create. 

Location: Exuma Cays via Staniel Cay

The monsters we encountered are almost as otherworldly as the mythology.  Staniel Cay Yacht Club gives every cottage its own boat.  (!).  Never really have driven a boat before naturally I climbed behind the wheel, turned the key and wished us luck.  Through the Exuma channel we found giant flat creatures with long stinging tails bottom-feeding, pebbly-skinned finned monsters you can swim with and colorful shelled creations that wash up ashore.  It's a water-lovers paradise.

It's a place that's raw, natural but refined.  Perfection.


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