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Functional Indoor Fitness Tips for 2018

Calla In Motion

Functional Indoor Fitness Tips for 2018

Lindsey Calla


It’s freezing everywhere, already.  It just snowed in Louisiana and let me tell you, the humidity makes the cold feel bone chilling.  Maybe it’s time to move it all inside and think about cozying up to indoor workouts.  I have an established at home yoga routine but because of some injury I’m adding functional training back in to strengthen some weaknesses.  My travel schedule really ramps up in January so I need things that are light and packable and easy to do at the road or inside in a gym.   Light but comfortable sneakers, bands, ropes etc are all key items that help switch workouts up and support some of our goals.  Plus, it’s fun to switch things up for the New Year and interval/functional training is consistently results-oriented.   Here are some ideas on how to spice things up for 2018:

lay3 (1 of 1).jpg

Weighted Jump Rope

13 (1 of 1).jpg

This is one of my favorite ways to tone up quickly.  This weighted jump rope from Kohl's add a removable 1 lb of weight on each side.  Doesn't sound like a lot but trust me my arms were burning after like 25 seconds of jumping.  When traveling, I can take out the weight and just travel with the rope.  I see the best results in my weight training when I add jumping rope in between sets.  I usually try to jump to the length of a song in between sets.  If you're new to jumping rope try 30-60 second intervals to start.

Resistance Band 2.0

I'm obsessed with megaformer but obviously can't take a machine with me everywhere so I found these awesome Pilates reformer bands to have at home.  The point of using these is to make the movements slowww to fatigue muscle groups.  Normal resistance bands only work in two planes and this one has 4 planes to work with.  The whole body can get involved in the workout making it a great way to tone overall.  Try standing on two of the bands with your feet then try a reverse press or lunge with bicep curl.  Slowww on a 4 count. 

Battle Ropes

7 (1 of 1).jpg

Most gyms have these and they are a fantastic way to increase arm and shoulder strength.  I trained with a guy who trains James Bond and this is always in their routine!  The key is to keep the spine upright and let the arms do the work either alternating arms or lifting both at once creating a simultaneous wave in the ropes.  

Indoor Track Intervals

My gym has a cool indoor track but this can also be done on a treadmill.  Set a time goal, maybe 10 or 15 minutes to start.  Sprint one lap, jog two, sprint one lap, jog two until the time is up.   On a treadmill this equates to about a 30 second spring and 60/90 second jog, repeat.  

Also, I am totally in love with these Under Armour Leggings!  They are some of my favorites I've worn all year.  They have this really soft silky stretchy fabric but also have a little compression.  They are perfect for all of these functional workouts.  I also really recommend this Under Armour bra from Kohl's.  I've been testing out various items from Kohl's this year and this might be my favorite overall set.  It's all super lightweight.  I don't have a need for heavy support so this bra combines a perfect second-skin feeling with enough support for high to low impact exercises.  It's created for movement whichever way I want to go from hiking to yoga to gym.  

1 (1 of 1).jpg

Here's to setting healthy intentions for the New Year! 

Photos by Marianna Massey

This post was sponsored by Kohl's through their partnership with POPSUGAR.  While I was compensated to write about Kohl's all opinions are my own! Thank you for your support <3