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Journey to a Happy Place

Calla In Motion

Journey to a Happy Place

Lindsey Calla

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Isn’t it the best feeling when you realize that balance and wellness can be achieved by following what brings you joy?  This reminds me of when I resorted to the Konmari method to clean my closet and had to hold my socks against me to see if they sparked joy.  Socks have energy too, apparently.  So if we give that kind of attention to our things then we must make the time to give ourselves what we need to stay energetically happy.  I realized this a while back when I decided to leave New York City.   My career was moving at warp speed but I was empty.   Being on or around water is my happy place so I try to prioritize that. Isn’t it a bit obvious? ;-)   If I’m in balance then everything else from relationships to work falls into place and moves forward in a positive way. 

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I partnered with my friends at Sanuk to bring to life the journey to my happy place in their Chiba Quest Knit Surfers.  To me, paddle boarding is the ultimate and when I’m visiting Charleston I’ll put the board in right on Shem Creek.  It’s heaven!  A little boarding and maybe staying around to photograph the sunset is something that brings me back into balance. My time in Charleston means going from the beach to the board to a bite to eat and I already live in my surf leggings so these Chibas are just a natural fit.   That lifestyle is all about ease so a shoe that slips on and off easily and is light enough to travel well is ideal for me.  We usually troll the shoreline for oyster shells, paddle a bit surrounded by pelicans then hit a creek spot like Saltwater Cowboys (just opened and is soo good!). 

It may not seem attainable for everyone to drop their life responsibilities and focus just solely on what makes us happy but I’ve found repeatedly that taking thought out risks to better your wellbeing has better long-term consequences.  We are always told to fall in line and put our own needs last but a holistic approach to life and measuring happiness is a far better barometer for success. 

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So just a friendly reminder from Sanuk and I to use 2018 and beyond to embark on a journey that leads you to your happy place.  Take risks and let intuition guide you.  Explore a passion.   Work more with your hands.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  Travel somewhere that not only takes your breath away but also allows you to breathe.    Trust the journey!


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