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Calla In Motion

Journey with COMO- Parrot Cay

Lindsey Calla


I stepped onto the boat transfer to COMO Parrot Cay the moment the Eclipse hit.  The sky went dark and a storm rolled in right as the moon passed across the sun.  If that wasn't a sign of the transformation about to come then I'm not sure what else could be!  When I stepped off the boat onto the island it was all over.  It was almost as if it was a sign that I was leaving my past self behind and about to embark on something anew.  The energy around me and my personal energy were incredibly intense that day.  I didn't know it then, but what I learned in a few short days at COMO Parrot Cay would leave me a changed person and that's exactly why people from all over the world come here to either heal or be healed.  It's one of those places that makes a former guest light up when you even just mention the name.  Take special note of these places.  The woman next to us on the transfer was returning solo for the second time.  It takes a powerful place to draw someone back consistently, alone.  It's peaceful paradise found.  


Quiet Contemplation

Parrot Cay is its own secluded island in the Turks & Caicos.  It's private but so easily accessible.  Besides the incredibly glass-like turquoise water and powdery sands the island is like a maze of quiet contemplation spaces.  Turn right and you're in the yoga pavilion overlooking a lagoon, turn left down a hill and you hit a beautiful dock to watch the sunrise, and if you're really lucky someone may just tell you about the hidden meditation palapa on the mangroves.  There are coconut and banana plantations a bike ride away and yoga and meditation are on the schedule daily.  Further energy work can be done in the gorgeous COMO Shambhala spa where they serve my favorite ginger tea on arrival and whisk you off into seclusion either in gorgeous treatment rooms or a whole pavilion dedicated to a solo wellness journey.  


COMO Shambhala, Dr. Parth & An Awakened Ayurvedic Spirit


The COMO Shambhala spa brings practitioners from all over the world to help guests with transformational experiences. Doctor Parth Mahajan, resident Ayurvedic Specialist, is one of my favorite humans on earth.  I told a pretty powerful story on my Instagram stories of my experience with Dr. Parth and his intuition.  He became a large part of my story here and in the short but powerful time I spent with him his wisdom will continue to shape my decisions.

Some Shared Wisdom:

Ayurvedic Consultation.  One thing I was surprised to learn is that the West has a fascination with the Doshas.  Not surprisingly do we try to label ourselves so intensely.  It's part of our nature.  Dr. Parth's perspective is from his experience practicing medicine in India.  Everyone has their own unique mix of air, fire, water and earth that fluctuates daily, seasonally, and throughout life.  He read my entire constitution just from my pulse.  No eating solid food on a full moon, warm oily foods are best for my digestion and setting more structure to my life may help calm my pulse (i.e.: mind, body and spirit) are a few nuggets of wisdom that he gave me.
Karma.  He touched on a lot of wisdom about not holding on to regret.  You are not what you did in this life.  Let it go.  Let go of ego and let go of past mistakes.   We are all on a journey to understand ourselves through many many rebirths and lifetimes.  Take the pressure off.   Our decisions in this lifetime are influenced by multiple layers of energy recycled, in a way.
Attachments to the self.  The moment we identify with an identity we lose sight of what life is about.  This is hard to explain in a blog post because a lot of us are told that in order to be a successful brand you need a brand identity.  It's an incredible amount of pressure to handle because it means constructing an ego and defining ourselves and promoting ourselves constantly.  Detach from this and true satisfaction will come.  
Reiki.  The reiki with Dr. Parth was the strongest, most intuitive I've ever experienced.  His hands trembled when he touched my hands and feet and was able to link that to my apartment being so close to a church and cemetery that all the bad energy is finding it's way to me.  I'm either to move or buy a fish tank (apparently fish absorb bad energy).  I'm also to carry 5 cloves on my body to help shield from bad energy.


Eat better, not less

All of this complicated energy and internal work needs internal nourishment.  Like in Miami, I tried to eat off of the COMO Shambhala menu exclusively to take note of my energy.  How does crispy sweetcorn and pumpkin tacos with tomato and papaya salsa, avocado, young coconut cream and spicy beans sound?  Better yet, how does it feel?  The takeaway here is calming, cleansing and energizing.  Good for the heart, good for the soul, light and rejuvenating.  It just takes some creativity in the kitchen.  Rethinking what we've been told to think food should be.   Eat better, not less.  Eat for health.  Dr. Parth said I'm not supposed to eat anything crunchy but man the homemade raw granola is just heaven. 


Staying Well


The resort resisted damage from the hurricanes but it is closed for renovations this fall.  Most rooms are receiving makeovers and there are also a few private villas and estates that can be rented out beachside with outdoor tubs, ocean views and private pools.  A few other things to note:

  • They have my all-time favorite activity: stand up paddle boarding along with windsurfing at the beach
  • If you walk down the beach you will come to a sand bar low tide and go hunting for shells and sand dollars
  • You can kayak through the mangroves or take a day trip biking the more remote parts of the island or islands nearby. 
  • The yoga is fantastic but also take Dr Parth's pranayama class.  Learning yoga without the physical asanas is also key to the experience.  I'll do a seperate post on it tomorrow. 
  • There will be a brand new gym near the spa and there are also tennis courts and I'm pretty sure there's a secret bootcamp that happens sometimes at sunrise on the beach, ask the beverage director ;-)

This is truly a magical place with a lot of energy.  If you're looking for a pristine beach destination with a wellness element this is the epitome.  I just heard that flights are beginning to fly back into the Providenciales but I am still wishing anyone affected by this hurricane season a speedy recovery.  We love you and we can't wait to continue to build more positive memories.