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Journey With COMO- Miami Beach Urban Sanctuary

Calla In Motion

Journey With COMO- Miami Beach Urban Sanctuary

Lindsey Calla


My ethos when it comes to experiencing travel is finding the places that not only take our breath away but also let us breathe.  Investing in collecting more knowledge and less things really drives this strong urge to explore.  There is a vast catalogue of health knowledge to be learned and shared all from experiencing another culture or destination.  A few weeks back I embarked on an incredible year-long spiritual and wellness journey with COMO Hotels & Resorts, a company that I had always visualized as a partner.  It was on my mental vision board and with a lot of hard work and intuition it manifested into something exciting and I cannot wait to take you along for this journey! 


With properties stretching from Miami to the Maldives, they offer destination experiences that immerse into the landscape and also leave guests feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, reignited and realigned.  I love their dedicated wellness component, COMO Shambhala, as it's a holistic approach to enhancing wellbeing energetically.  I can't really believe I'm typing this but I'll be joining them at all of their properties this year to bring to life and share what it's like to travel for the soul.  First up to share is COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach.   I love this particular property because Miami has always exemplified a wild party-like energy to me but this dream Deco property is a quiet urban sanctuary nestled right in the heart of Miami Beach.  It's an amazing option for those looking to just escape to Miami to find some R&R rather than a loud, exhausting party scene. 

Healing Element: Water


Water is a key focus here, and not surprisingly, I'm definitely on board with that!  Not only is the main pool divine and the hotel right on the gorgeous stretch of Miami beach but there's also a water spa heaven located on the rooftop of the property overlooking those vibrant Miami sunrises.  I woke up early for every single one of them and found my way here to the heated hydrotherapy pool using the water as a way to unwind.  Most of the top of the hotel is dedicated to wellness.  Steam rooms, a COMO Shambhala spa, yoga deck and fitness rooms are all accessible on the two top floors.  I even rolled out my mat on the roof to take in some stretching.  It's an incredibly refreshing space and very private. 


COMO Shambhala Cuisine 

Another component they are known for is their healthy, energy-giving cuisine.  The COMO Shambhala cuisine is always available at any meal, at any restaurant on property, so making health a priority is convenient choice.  I can't even describe how amazing my energy felt after a week at their properties.  I tried to eat mostly off this menu, which I thought would be a challenge but I ended up opting and craving the food because I felt lighter and had way more energy.  The breakfast here was artfully prepared.  Lunch by the pool propelled the rest of my day and I only relaxed into the hammock not because I was drained by a heavy meal but rather completely light and at peace with choosing to slow down purposefully.  Their signature ginger tea was in my hands most of the trip and stay tuned for a recipe how-to coming soon because it's too good not to share the secret.  


Unwind and breathe...

I have to be honest and tell you that I spent every moment of my 48 hours here on property.  I was so melted into the property that I just wanted to surrender to the moment here.  I didn't' want to rush around to feel the urge to do anything in the city.  I suppose that's truly what an urban escape should feel like.  The rooms are in a very calming, soft color palette with elements of Miami there but not overpowering the senses. The tile in this bathroom gave me life.  I sank into it nightly with a glass of COMO Shambhala ginger tea.  Everything here encourages breath.  Yoga and pranayama can be arranged, the staff is welcoming and encourages a peaceful experiences.  Hammocks and cushioned beds are everywhere, also encouraging peace. 


This is just the beginning! Can't wait to continue to share more from this journey from experiences with healers, practitioners, fellow yogis and amazing humans from around the world!

Caftan: SU Paris
Yoga outfit: Weargrace
Bra top: LNDR
Swim: Tory Sport



*I have so many stories from this travel that I could barely figure out a way to put them down and type them.  I also ventured to Turks & Caicos where I had some life-altering energy treatments so stay tuned because that needs an entire post dedicated.  I visited both these properties before the hurricanes really ramped up and I'm happy to report both properties escaped any real damage.  I realize not everyone was so lucky and part of my delay in posting these was to figure out how to be of service.  I found donation to be the best at this moment but if anyone has any further information that can help please feel free to leave in the comments <3