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Calla In Motion

Knockout Stress

Lindsey Calla

Stress is by far the biggest hurdle in my productivity and overall wellbeing.  It's that paralyzing feeling when I have too much on my plate and I end up doing nothing instead of slowly knocking out everything one thing at a time.  For a good portion of the past 5 years or so I didn't channel my stress in the right ways.  I mostly took it out on my nails or my diet by reaching for a quick burst of energy (aka sugar) and that cycle never leads to any real progress.  It wasn't until I reprioritized and took a closer look that I started to get back to the center.  

I found this talk by one of my favorite humans of all time, Elizabeth Gilbert.  She stressed the point that when you experience great success or great failure, you're as equally thrust to the outside of the center of yourself.  One  is seen as bad and one as good but your subconscious can't decipher because both are equally jarring.  The only way to continue to create is to find that balance and find whatever it is that keeps you cranking along, humble, healthy and motivated.  My center always seems to be focused around the athlete-minded person that I've always been for as long as I can remember.  If I could step out on a field, lead a team under high-pressure situations and be forced to show up and perform then surely I could tackle this tiny to-do list or compose myself enough to speak to a big audience or live tv set.  Jumping rope is something that helps me get back into that zone and I've added it into most of my workouts.  It's one exercise that not only helps with the physical but also overall wellbeing.  If I want to take that a step further I dabble in boxing but really it depends on just how high my frustration is that day ;-).  

Long sleeve top & capris: Norma Kamali Activewear