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Podcast: How to use Hawaiian Spiritual Practice to Enhance our connection & well-being with Kumu Ramsay Taum

Calla In Motion

Podcast: How to use Hawaiian Spiritual Practice to Enhance our connection & well-being with Kumu Ramsay Taum

Lindsey Calla

Episode 1-2.PNG

New podcast is live! On this episode, Hawaiian cultural leader and sought after keynote speaker, Kumu Ramsay Taum guides us through the beautiful spiritual practices of the Hawaiian cultural worldview. Kumu Ramsay has been mentored and trained by many well-respected kūpuna, or elders, with almost 800 years of knowledge to help enhance today’s modern yearning for connection and well-being.

I crossed paths with Kumu Ramsay a few years back when he was a speaker at a wellness summit in Maui. I wrote about 3 pages worth of notes as he presented on these fascinating native Hawaiian practices that I had never heard before . It was trip that, in many ways, lifted the veil on Hawaiian culture for me and I was able to dig deeper into the real soul and Aloha of the islands. I was lucky to join one of his peers on an 8 hour trip along the road to Hana and around Maui as he told me legends and stories. There was a moment on burial grounds where he sang a song and called out to ancestors and in that moment a butterfly and swarm of birds swirled around our cart. It was a moment that I will never forget and also a moment that I wanted to better understand. The islands of Hawaii beat together with a collective pulse of spirituality and resonate deeply with nature. How is this? Why is this? What, as an outsider, can I better understand about this culture?

Kumu Ramsay talks poetically about native concepts of ho’oponopono, the ancient battle art of Lua and the real spirit of Aloha. I hope you enjoy. You can read more about Kumu Ramsay and his work here. He is also having a Facebook webinar on the healing art of ho’oponopono coming up this month! You can check more out here.

Show Notes

5:00 Ramsay’s background and how he found his calling

10:45 Finding teachers, elders, and being present to accept teachings

12:37 Self-evident over self-proclaimed, legacy, Polynesian mindset of belonging

16:00 The history and revival of the Hawaiian culture and spiritual practices

18:08 Navigating the seas using ancestral practices and how we can navigate our inner journey

20:00 Understanding ho’oponopono, making things right by removing the obstacle rather than just fixing

27:10 Placing accountability and responsibility on obstacles, triggers, victimhood

31:10 Pharmacology, holistic plant use vs singularity , taking another culture’s practices and adapting them

34:50 Finding teachers to guide using cultural practices, degrees vs pedigrees, questioning the origins of practices

38:00 Separating mechanics and meaning in practice

39:35 Understanding the battle art of Lua, shifting mindset on attacks being a gift, protection through giving, centered in self vs self-centered

45:06 Following ancestral line in time, lineage

51:56 Anecdote on teacher/student relationship, always being a sponge and never stopping learning

Many thanks to Kumu Ramsay Taum for this amazing knowledge! Hope you enjoyed!

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