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Land to Sea

Calla In Motion

Land to Sea

Lindsey Calla

The best thing to happen to activewear, in my opinion, is the versatility in the fabric to be able to go from land sport to water sport and back again without having to change.  I realized just how useful it was to me in Puerto Rico where I was going from biking to jumping in the pool to yoga on the beach to jumping in the ocean and I had one outfit that can fit all of these activities.  In the past swimsuits were too overexposed to ever think about working out in and activewear couldn't hold up once it got wet but now there are so many options.  This outfit is actually considered swimwear but the cut is so sport friendly that I wear it all the time for everything.  If you think about it, the wet-friendly fabric helps with sweat as well.  Plus, I dunno about you but it's so liberating to put on swim shorts on days when I feel too bloated to wear anything skimpy.  It's such a great option for looking chic and more modest.  

It's all about finding pieces that work for a lifestyle rather than a trend.  Once I began to stock my closet with those things I figured out quickly what it is that I really love to wear.  I think Lululemon is doing this so well right now but they don't stock everything online.  The outfit I'm wearing in all these shots is from lulu. The Salt Gypsy leggings (below, bottom right) are incredibly movement friendly, flattering and hold up so well in water and dry quickly. I've also been wearing these floral Lululemon swim shorts a ton (below top middle).  It's a fantastic cut that's sporty but also a little cheeky and sexy.  Click the photos below to shop xx