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Little Updates

Calla In Motion

Little Updates

Lindsey Calla

Hey guys!  I never formally introduced you to the site.  It launched last week and then I realized the RSS feed wasn't picking up properly so I had to take a few down days to correct that.  It would be great if you can resubscribe to the RSS feed so you never miss a post. Right now it's located under where it says "Welcome to Calla in Motion" and it will soon live as a button on the upper left side.  You can also follow on Bloglovin, as I had them switch the new name without starting a new account.  I'm really excited about taking on these new categories and having a much better layout with better organization.  Some people asked me if the street style will go away and it definitely will not.  I'll be still updating in that category as I always have but with better quality rather than a race to put something new up all of the time.  The whole reason I started this blog years ago was to be able to give you something whether it's inspiration, ideas, tips, and tricks.  Where I focused a lot on budget fashion before, I'm a little more focused on a really holistic approach to living a happy, stylish life.  These are the things I'm thinking about now as I grow up.  It's less about 'how can I acquire lots of trends and clothes' and more about 'why is this wrinkle on my forehead, why should I invest in this piece, why should I buy fussy things when I truly want to walk around in workout pants and if I do that, how do I look really chic', etc.  

I'm also happy to take any direction from you guys on what you want to see!  I appreciate your support and can't wait to start this 2015 journey with you all! 

Wearing: Olympia Activewear bra and capri pant