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Well in London Part I: Staying Balanced & Finding Sanctuary

Calla In Motion

Well in London Part I: Staying Balanced & Finding Sanctuary

Lindsey Calla

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When it comes to big cities it's all about finding sanctuaries hidden between the hustle and bustle.  The pace and energy of cities weigh differently on me now.  It used to bring me motivation but lately I respond better to the elements of nature rather than concrete.  So when I find myself in these beautiful concrete jungles it's important to select my surroundings carefully and find places that engage my senses like nature. Do you guys remember a few months back I talked about embarking on a journey with COMO Hotels?  The next stop on our adventure was a visit to a place that has a lot of cultural history and a lot of personal history for me: London!  It's also the city that birthed their hotel concept and that very hotel was my first stop.

The Halkin


The Halkin is a very boutique hotel and it's tucked away on a beautiful quiet street right around the corner from Hyde Park.  It's an awesome spot to launch a run in the park, meditate by the pond or grab a bike to see the city.

What makes this incredibly special and calming to me are two things:

Calm, quiet and soothing interiors with natural elements infused
COMO Shambhala touches in every room to engage the senses

One of my favorite yoga mats that I use at home, their COMO Shambhala mat, is waiting in the closet.  No lugging mine across the pond which is a huge relief!  The bathroom is stocked with botanical infusions from their beauty line.  Scents of lemongrass, geranium, lavender and peppermint help bring me into a state of calm, away from the chaos of the city.  

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Familiar Nourishment

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The hardest part about travel to me is eating healthy.  Long flights disturb Vata, keep us from being grounded and affect the digestive system.  It makes me crave sweets and comfort food, so if great nourishing food isn't easily accessible, I give in to temptation.  COMO Hotels has their COMO Shambhala concept menu available in every hotel from London to Bali, so no matter where I find myself with them I know I can get my favorite foods that have been developed by expert nutritionists.  And let me tell you, this is the best thing a traveler could ask for! To me it's the star of their offering and makes me want to choose them over and over again for the comfort and familiarity of these pacifying foods. 

breakfast shamb (1 of 1).jpg
Their menu of juices is developed to add therapeutic benefits and my favorite is the Beta Clarity.  It's conceptualized to soften the skin with carrot, sweet pepper, celery, fennel, papaya, lemon and coconut oil
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In Room Yoga & Meditation

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Right on the tv is a gorgeous selection of yoga and meditation, so if you're like me and you like to practice alone, this is an amazing option.  The sleep meditation was my favorite to relax to at night with a lemongrass tea infusion.  I recently gave up soda so I'm obsessed with warming my body and digestion with hot, herbal tea.  They have the most amazing tea list filled with homemade tea infusions that come in just quintessentially British silver tea sets.  It's the most luxurious way to unwind. 

The wellness here is subtle.  It's not restrictive or cold, but balanced and warming.  There's an element of balance with their really amazing artistic Ametsa restaurant (which is unbelievably delicious!) and their COMO Shambhala menu.  

We ticked a few touristy things off our list like the British Museum and Westminster Abbey and were able to walk easily from the hotel.  There's so much to explore and I'm hoping to plan something fun for all of us in the Spring!  Thanks COMO The Halkin for an incredible stay! Stay tuned for Part II