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Making Progress, Goal Chasing and Learning from Boredom

Calla In Motion

Making Progress, Goal Chasing and Learning from Boredom

Lindsey Calla

Inversion & Arm Balance Weekend Practice

Happy Monday! I spent a good part of the weekend working on my yoga practice.  The yoga studio I frequent in New Orleans had an awesome teacher, Shaney Aalbers, around to do workshops so I took full advantage of the opportunity.  I've been struggling with nailing my handstand with complete control and definitely needed some further explanation of more complex arm balances so I attended the Researching Balance workshop.  The incredible part was it was a really intimate 2.5 hour session with 3 other women and there was not an ounce of judgement.  It's one of the things I love the most about my personal yoga journey is just how different of a world it is compared to my experiences in the fashion industry over the years.  It's two completely different worlds with different expectations and judgements.

I wanted to share one nugget of wisdom that I picked up from Shaney yesterday that I loved.  She talked a lot about shifting your personal energy and its relation to boredom.  She explained that boredom means that you aren't present and focused.  The mind has wandered so far from whatever goals you put in front of yourself and the best way to combat boredom is to get creative.  Creativity can break negative patterns and refocus your energy.  I really connected to this because it's really the whole reason why I decided to evolve from the old website into the new, current site.  I felt bored by street style and what I was waking up every day doing.  Forcing myself to get creative again and refocus my energy has made the biggest difference of all and I'm so happy to now be in this place where I can inspire and combine some of my passions into one place.

I'm doing some more shooting tomorrow and will document some of the progress of made with balances.  More soon!

Bra & Pants: Olympia 
Photos: Marianna Massey