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Finding Space through Creating a Meditation Practice

Calla In Motion

Finding Space through Creating a Meditation Practice

Lindsey Calla

Photo Aug 29, 3 39 39 PM.jpg

I truly believe setting up a wellness practice should feel luxurious from an experiential standpoint but also accessible and inclusive for everyone. It’s not something that should add stress or feel hard to come by, but rather, an inspiration that adds to the daily routines of our life. I love focusing on quality when building a collection of wellness accessories but I also want these things to be seamless to find, quick to arrive and perfect to companions for travel and a busy schedule. I worked with to search through their extensive fitness & wellness section to pick up some new items to add to my growing collection of accessories for my personal practices. They offer an impressive collection of reputable fitness brand names from Theragun (I still have yet to try!), NordicTrack, and Gaiam and is set up easily to search by interest and activity

I’ve been searching to create more space in my mind lately so I focused on picking up some things to boost a meditation, breathing and yoga practice.  I really wanted an organic feel to go along with the gorgeous nature of New Mexico.  This jute yoga mat is so lightweight it’s easy to tag along with on adventures and is tacky enough to hold poses easily.  I love having the touch of jute in the mat for that organic feel and it’s also eco-friendly which is a nice touch.  I am really picky about yoga mats and this one will definitely be in my rotation.

This is the first time I’ve invested in a really great quality meditation set-up.  I found these super soft Gaiam cushions to help support myself while I’m sitting for a good while.  Once I get settled into a new home in Santa Fe I will create a whole yoga and meditation room with these as the main focus.  The bigger Gaiam cushion is great to layer with under the circular one so my knees can fall onto something soft and not interrupt my focus. 

I love to layer a few cushiony things together to provide maximum support both for yoga and for meditation.  I picked up this yoga rug to help bring the studio to wherever I am.  It’s such a great base to layer a mat then cushions on top of.  I brought this whole set up out in the desert to spend some time outside and provide a little buffer between myself and the earth.   And for an extra nice touch for running around, I picked up these Gaiam yoga mat band elastics to hold my mat together.  These are kind of brilliant because I don’t usually have my mat in a bag.  This eliminates the need for one all together but still gives me the function to carry my mat around. is a great resource for quality fitness items at all levels of accessible price points and they have super quick shipping!  Here’s a list below of what I picked up with shoppable links for your convenience.  If you’re looking to get started or just find inspiration for some new wellness accessories to boost your practice, I hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration. 

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post and making fitness and wellness a luxuriously accessible option for creating at-home personal practices <3