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Calla In Motion

LED Light Therapy

Lindsey Calla

Give Me The Red Light

There's a new wave of beauty treatments ushering my skincare maintenance into the 21st century.  I'm the girl that didn't get her first facial until late twenties and never really thought twice about having to start super early on maintaining good skin.  Now, I'm all about getting my hands, or face, on anything I can to reverse the uber sun damage I caused in my teens.  Luckily, I stumbled on Joanna Vargas and her approach to skincare.  One thing she offers in her office is LED red light therapy beds.  From the outside it looks like a tanning bed but it is FAR from that.  Instead of ruining your skin, it heals it.  Navy Seals and NASA have used red light LED therapy for years but it's just now coming mainstream in the beauty world.  There are a lot of tiny handheld devices but the bed is the holy grail.  According to Vargas, it promises to boost collagen and elastin production, not just on your face, but all over your body.  I can testify to this amazingness because I've spent countless minutes in the bed in addition to the facials I get there once a month.  The first time I did it, it was in the summer, and I put a bikini on and looked in the mirror at the back of my legs and there was not a bump in sight.  Nothing. Nada.  So that rules out the idea that the facials are what are making my skin on my face look great so how do you really know if it's the bed or the facial.

The effects are cumulative so the more I go, the better it works.  I'm looking forward to getting back in there because honestly it's also super relaxing to take 20 minutes where I just lay somewhere quietly without the disruption of email or the city in general.  This particular bed is unique to Joanna Vargas salon but there are a lot of hand-held devices you can do at home. I'll be trying some out and will report my findings back to you! 

Photos of me: Marianna Massey