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Calla In Motion

Mindful Rituals: Home Objects for Mood-Altering Moments

Lindsey Calla

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Oh how the Cancer and the rising Sagittarius in me fight every day over staying home or wandering away.  I love being home but I also crave new sights and smells and the stimulation of something new.  I've started to try to craft my home to appeal to my senses more, as if I was in an amazing destination spa.  That's something that these hotels that I love do so well.  Scent is a memory and it for sure can alter many moods.  Every time I go away I come back with a scent memory to help replicate a feeling.  I also practice yoga at home with incense and fill the room with unfamiliar soundtracks on Spotify (I love practicing lately to Dreamcatcher channel) and meditation candles.  I've been slowly collecting and wanted to share with you some of my favorite treasures!


Takazawa Candles:  These are just so beautifully crafted and they have the biggest, brightest flames I've ever seen.  They are great options for candle gaze meditation or just to have around the house as decoration.  Each candle is made in traditional "wa-rousoku" technique and have a hollow washi paper wick.  We've managed to strike up a friendship over instagram and I'm hoping to visit their factory one of these days. 

3rd Ritual Bel- I haven't gotten my hands on one of these beauties yet but it's high on my list to add to the collection.  The founder created a candle that signifies the passing of time.   As the candle burns, little metal pieces fall onto a Japanese crafted bell that chimes to mark the passing of specific times.  Such a great piece to have if you meditate and want to mark a session with something natural, rather than a cell phone. 

Addition Studios Vessel- That green cone shaped vessel in the photo above holds incense but also looks amazing on a mantel.  It has a metal piece inside that holds all sizes of ritual sticks from Palo Santo to thin incense sticks. 

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Med et Len Perfumed Lava Rocks- I found these on an excursion to one of my favorite places in the world: Alys beach.  There's a wonderful store there called Mast.  They had these Sahara lava rocks where you drop perfumed oil into the brushed metal canister and the rocks collect and disperse the smell.  I love the Terre Noire scent, which is very earthy and woodsy.  

Inca Aromas-  I use these when I practice yoga at home.  They burn through my whole series and the smells are really interesting and unique.  Some favorites to be aware of:

Black Stryax- One of the oldest incense on record.  Sweet and coral, it anchors the energy of prosperity, abundance and protection of sacred intimacy to reach higher states of consciousness.
Sandal- A classic, this scent celebrates gratitude and blocks grief and resentment.
7 Herbs- A blend of 7 different herbs to bring and nurture a feminine presence

Cinnamon Projects- I feel like this is one of the most innovated companies.  It's scent tied with high design.  Modern meets ancient.  Beautiful packaging and gorgeous scent combinations, available in perfumes, incense and smudge sets. 

Santa Maria Novella Carta D'Armenia- Resin and spice soaked papers, these burn without a flame, purify the air and scent the room.  There's something about this smell that I'm completely addicted to! 

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Enjoy the journey finding the sensory experience that lights you up inside <3