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Calla In Motion

The Amazing Benefits of Mineral Hot Springs

Lindsey Calla

The more I've been researching wellness and searching for things that heal the body, mind, and soul, the more I realize just how sensitive people and companies are to the word healing.  Apparently, healing is a buzzword that makes everyone a little nervous.  I ran into this recently when I was working on creating content with a beauty brand who freaked out over my use of the word healing when describing a natural ingredient in the product.  This is the reality of the world we live in.  We treat the symptoms, not the disease, and healers and shamans that were once worshipped for years for their intuitive knowledge of natural things that heal are now the charlatans of our generation.  I say this as I set out to write today's post about the healing powers of mineral hot springs.  Most of my inspiration lately comes from my travels and the people from different cultures that I meet that have some ancient wellness knowledge.  It fascinates me because I grew up in a time where you were taught to reach for a pill to cure something.  So when someone says, this has been used for thousands of years, I have to understand it further. 

My car accident last week left me with red, swollen eyes, a contusion on my cornea and scratches underneath my right eye, all from that impact of the airbag to my face (ouch).  I was convinced it would all bruise heavily and linger uncomfortably for a week or so and was prepared to explain it away to everyone I saw within that week.   We arrived at Dunton Hot Springs not even 12 hours after I checked out of the ER and almost immediately 'took the cure' by jumping into their famous mineral hot springs.  

The mineral springs found at this area are of the calcium bicarbonate type with high concentrations of iron and maganese.  They are not sulfur so they have no smell, only a dusty, metal tint to the water.  It's important to recognize that this resort has the source on property, so you can bathe directly in it if you're brave enough to climb down a set of stairs into a hole in the ground.  This is the real deal water that comes directly from the ground, having absorbed minerals from the rocks and then gets absorbed directly into the skin distributing benefits to the body.  The bicarbonate concentration is believed to improve circulation to the body, while traces of magnesium in the water promotes healthy skin and iron helps the body make red blood cells and carry oxygen, so it's a great mineral for wound healing and bruising.  I spent most of the first day soaking in the springs and by breakfast many of the staff were astounded by how fast my eye was healing.  

Now, contemporary medicine has been slow to have a scientific basis to back up mineral hot springs healing and most resorts will never make the claim that the soaking can heal or cure, but there is no doubt in my mind that the hot springs have amazing therapeutic benefits.  I saw it first-hand and continued to soak throughout the rest of the week in Pagosa Springs, where they have natural sulfur hot springs.  Those hot springs have been around for centuries and the Ute people have legends of great battles being fought over the healing waters and how taking the cure saved their people from a great plague.  

My eye never bruised and I'm convinced that the water therapy played a part in my recovery.  If anything, it relaxed me and took my mind off how scary the whole accident was and let my body do its thing.  Dunton Hot Springs was the most perfect place to recover and I can't say enough about how special it is there.  Food is prepared fresh and the chef will even forage for menu items locally.  There are numerous pools of hot springs on the property, even one that filters into a bath tub in one of the cabins (!), and the clear mountain air doesn't hurt either. 

How to get there:

Fly into Durango and it's a two hour drive to resort.  Renting a car is easy at the Durango airport or, for an extra fee, someone from the resort will pick you up.  There's an 8 mile dirt road leading into the property so make sure to have a vehicle that can withstand changes in terrain and weather.