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Motivation Monday

Calla In Motion

Motivation Monday

Lindsey Calla

This Monday is a particularly blah one for two reasons 1) there's a storm system sitting over New Orleans dumping rain for about 5 days 2) tax day is tomorrow (yuck).  Whenever I'm having a hard time getting out to the studio, or out anywhere for that matter, I focus on things I can do at home to quickly change my mood and motivation.  

Flow at Home

Working my heart rate up and connecting my breathe helps get rid of that toxic energy in my head and body.  I love the flow of starting in down dog to three-legged dog and curling knee to nose.  A few rounds of this does wonders and there are so many variations to add on depending on what I'm in the mood for.  Sometimes I'll add a twist in by touching each elbow or just step it all the way through and work through some more complex poses.


pige 4.jpg

I never realized just how important stretching was to my body and mind.  I used to barely stretch before lacrosse games or any gym sessions and it was such a mistake looking back.  It's such an easy thing to do on a blah day because it doesn't require much movement it's just as beneficial than a rigorous workout.  Pigeon is my nemesis but I've seen a big improvement in my hips. Just a few minutes of stretching allows me to center and think about the tasks to accomplish that day.  It also keeps me consistent between classes. 

Get Upside-down 

I find a way to do this every day regardless of how I feel.  Being upside-down for just a few seconds makes me feel like I'm getting everything flowing in the right direction.  It flushes circulation to my face and helps me look at things from a different perspective.  


Photos: Marianna Massey

Bra: Michi
Pants: Norma Kamali