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Calla In Motion

New Podcast Announcement!

Lindsey Calla


Big announcement! I launched a podcast called Archeology of the Journey. I’m just so happy to finally be releasing this news. I’ve been working for a few years on this idea and finally it’s coming to fruition. I’ll be exploring conversations around human ideas and bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world alongside some of my favorite thought leaders, wisdom keepers, cultural connectors and business creatives. The trailer is on iTunes, you can click the button below to listen and subscribe!

One of the drivers of creating this podcast was to dig deeper and create more value and substance. I was feeling overwhelmed by how diluted social media was getting and it wasn’t contributing to my overall happiness. I wasn’t reading books, comprehending information or having real conversations. I was scrolling, taking in mindless information and spending a lot of time alone behind a screen. I realized as I looked at my habits more closely that I felt most alive, both physically and mentally, when I was having thoughtful conversations about life with people who knew a great deal more than me. These micro-lessons stuck with me. They lit up my imagination. I felt my brain cells come back alive and realized that passing information down orally has been the most successful way in human history to keep important information alive. When we sit down over a meal or in a sacred place with new people we connect on unimaginable levels.

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On this journey to a more wellness-fueled, spiritually balanced life, I was missing the connection to the origin. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to travel around the world covering wellness trends which led me to be connected with all types of experts and thinkers from various cultures. I wanted to bring alive some of these conversations that helped fuel my personal journey. What are the roots to some of these ideas that I’ve been exploring when it comes to food, rituals, and ideas from other cultures? It led me to want to peel back layer by layer and deep dive into the source.

There were a few signs along the way that I was on the right path. I think I told this story a few years ago when I was exploring Sedona and Mii Amo for the first time. I was seated at a table with a gentlemen at an airport who told me I needed to start a podcast. Then, I had my astrological chart read to me randomly by someone who came into my life out of no where and told me my life purpose alignment was to report on the experiences I’ve had through lifetimes of travel through spontaneous conversation and storytelling.

Ok, I’m listening.

So, now it’s your turn to listen. I would be incredibly honored and humbled for you to support this cause because this is all for you. My goal is to pass on as much knowledge as humanly possible to help you on your journey.

I’ll be updating on all platforms, including blog posts here with embedded episodes. You can follow along on instagram on my channel (@lindseycalla) and my new handle (@archeologyofthejourneypodcast). Thank you so much for your continued support and can’t wait to connect with you on this new platform!