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New Year New Gear

Calla In Motion

New Year New Gear

Lindsey Calla

Settling into a healthy lifestyle for the New Year can take some extra motivation.   When just wanting to be healthy isn’t enough to get me out the door in the morning, I turn to something like a new workout outfit or new music to ignite that spark.  As soon as it catches flame, watch out. Setting good habits is like lighting a flame in a dry forest.  I also find that color can be an excellent motivator and mood receptor.  I learned on my recent travels to Sedona that my dominant color aura is turquoise so being around water grounds my airy disposition.  When I want to feel calm, I’ll reflect that in everything from the scent of essential oil that morning to putting calming colors on my body. Every choice can have meaning and an effect on the mind. 

I’m working with GapFit + Styldby this month to give you guys a glimpse into this thought process and how I choose to get motivated in the new year with new gear.   If I’m around water and a beach, I’ll always choose to channel that energy of the ocean and start my day with stretching, a beach walk and maybe some yoga to get out the kinks.  It’s in this choice that I also reflect my mood in what I choose to wear:  calming colors, a meditative print, and a stretch fabric that lets me move freely (these GapFit Fast leggings have an inventive 4 way stretch).  Everything should feel completely in sync and also allow me to move freely from beach to street and not skip a beat.  This beach is in Charleston, which I’ve been visiting tons now that my family relocated there.  My goal is to really work on my flexibility in the hip and thigh (hamstrings + quads) so I can expand my pigeon practice without wanting to die!  It’s a work in progress but I’m enjoying the challenge.  Just looking at the photos I just know that I felt calm and relaxed and had set the best intention for the day.

Now I land on the opposite side of the spectrum, channeling that fiery desire to get up, out and moving.  I’ve never been the type to stick to one color palette.  I always look at the people who manage to make their whole life grey or nude and come to the realization that my messy creative mind would never ever be able to commit to one color.  I need change to thrive.  I can say this because I’m a creative Cancer with a wandering rising Sagittarius mind and a Vata dosha type that literally requires me to keep moving and be constantly stimulated.  On those days when I just feel like a total badass and want to pump the high-octane workout mix and run some miles/stairs or do suicides on a tennis court, then I reach for the bold colors.  GapFit has some great geometric prints and fiery orange colors that help stimulate the body and mind.  Everything is about balance and thank goodness because I would be so bored otherwise.   These are some of my favorite photos because the light was just coming through the court so beautifully and I felt comfortable being able to layer up or down for pre-workout, workout, and post-workout.  I had incorporated the same GapFit green tank the day I went for the beach workout and it carried over seamlessly.  Every choice should complement a lifestyle and everything should work together.


The energy of the New Year is palpable and it’s time to harness that energy and continue making good decisions for our bodies and minds even if it means filling up the shopping cart with whatever it takes to get motivated!

Bra & Leggings: GapFit