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Due North

Calla In Motion

Due North

Lindsey Calla

Greetings from the North Shore!  I visited Oahu a few weeks back for a project that I can't talk about until April.  It was an incredible visit because we landed the day before they called the Eddie, which is a big wave surf competition that has only happen 8 or 9 times and is only called when the conditions are perfect.  Perfect, to expert surfers, are waves consistently reaching around 30 feet!  All of the world's best big wave surfers come to Oahu for the winter hoping to participate in the Eddie and fans literally camp along the road by the beach hoping to see if the competition will be called that day.  It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen and made me have even more love and respect for surf culture and community.  I envy people who make their life about the sea.  Instead of filling a structured 9-5 they wake with the waves and their day is decided by the tides.  It takes a lot of passion and self-awareness to live a life ruled by nature rather than money or more traditional goals.  It's something that I wrestle with in my mind because I feel my best when I'm out in nature hiking or paddle boarding but I always feel guilty about it.  Why is that?  Follow your passions, I say, and everything else will fall into place.  More on Hawaii soon!

Swimsuit: Stella McCartney x adidas top/bottom