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The Organic Oils & Fragrances of Tulum

Calla In Motion

The Organic Oils & Fragrances of Tulum

Lindsey Calla

The sights of Tulum are obviously breathtaking but the smells are intoxicating.  It really dazzles the senses with a mix of salty sea air, earthy jungle and tropical coconut.  I was on a mission to capture the essence of this place so I can bring a little piece of this paradise home and be forever reminded to book my next trip back.  My first stop was Coqui Coqui, the quaint beachfront hotel with a perfumeria that brings together the fresh scents of Tulum through perfumes, candles and home oils.  The boutique itself is awesome.  Before I walked through to the fragrances I was sidetracked by the most beautiful Hacienda Montaecristo bag that I will forever regret not buying.  As I made my way back I sampled each fragrance in-between sniffs of coffee beans and found the one. Floplum, a botanical ode to the Mayan Orchid flower, captured my senses and smelled like I just spent a day by the beach.  It's the perfect blend of sweet, floral and fresh and smells more like a subtle aroma than a perfume.  I also picked up the same scent for our house so the whole place will smell like sun and summer. Yeaaaaah.

The next spot was Lolita Lolita, a tiny shop on the beach road that I found while walking back from dinner at Casa Banana.  *The stores along the beach road are often open until after dinner which was the most heavenly way to shop.  Purchase decisions are always best when influenced by a few sips of Mezcal!  The shop carries it's own concoctions of oils, shampoos and lotions that are all organic and derived from the local superfoods.  I picked up Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Mamay seed oil, and a fresh roswater spray.  I was happy to see that the rosewater spray literally only had rosewater as the one and only ingredient.  I find a lot of rosewater sprays are packaged with bad ingredients that dry my skin out.  Mamay seed oil is supposed to stimulate hair growth, even in eye lashes, and Im going to try to see if I can put a bit on a q-tip and try to enhance the growth without using something more harsh.  

How cute is the packaging! I'm so onboard with using oils in skincare (and haircare as avocado oil is a great way to hydrate dry strands) and it's always great to find new ingredients and be inspired by people who live by simple but effective rules.  The best thing about Coqui Coqui is that it's available on Net-a-porter and you can pick some up here.  Even though it's that easy, I still recommend you take a trip down to Tulum and pick some up in person, try out a mayan clay facial and have a massage under the stars.