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Travel Secrets

Calla In Motion

Travel Secrets

Lindsey Calla

lo and sons 4.jpg

The biggest issue in prepping for my 10 day Japan trip in multiple cities was staying organized and making the most efficient use of carrying space.  We were incredibly lucky that Contiki had all of our suitcases sent to the hotels ahead of each destination so we didn't have to lug them on the bullet train.  This left me needing to fit a whole day's worth of things in one carry-along bag so I had everything I needed on-hand.  A typical day include multiple locations, tons of walking, making time for photographs, and then sometimes straight into dinner without checking into the hotel.  Lo & Sons introduced me to their OMG bag (Overnight and medium gym bag) to take along which ended up being the perfect companion.  I stayed in mostly athleticwear during the whole trip so the fact that it also had a gym bag vibe helped it fit with everything I brought with me.  I'm probably the least organized person on the planet and had nightmares of losing my passport or something terrible so I literally used every single pocket in the bag for my passport, laptop, camera, a pair of extra shoes in the shoe compartment and band-aids.  Everything had it's place which was so helpful. Here are a few tips I always try to force myself to live by when I'm traveling (my closet at home is a different story):

Look for something light-weight.  This one is nylon so it's light and also super water resistant.  I would've been in trouble if I had something heavier.  I would've had to have done a whole lot of yoga to re-correct my shoulders!   

Have a pocket for everything.  My passport was in one pocket, phone in another, band-aids in one and my laptop in the sleeve on the inside.  This saved me.  I can't organize on my own so I need it to be designed into a bag for me.

Bring a neutral color. I'm not really a bright color person in general but the idea of having something neutral makes it match everything and so much more versatile.  It's just better to have something that can go with everything in the suitcase.

Make Room For a Beauty Refresh.  By the middle of each day I felt tired and haggard so I packed a few of my beauty essentials to keep my skin refreshed.  This includes sunscreen, Citrus and Kale serum, vitamin C/hyaluronic acid serum, and my RMS lip/cheek pot. (More on these items in my beauty post coming this week).

Pants: Outdoor Voices
Bag: Lo & Sons
Shoes: Stella McCartney x adidas
Necklace: Zeus & Dione
Scarf: Forever 21