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For Passions

Calla In Motion

For Passions

Lindsey Calla

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.
— Brihadaranyaka IV.4.5

Passion.  Passion is just a personal desire that brings us joy.  As humans we are driven by desire which is looked at, usually, as bad.  I desire sugar and caffeine and skipping yoga to sleep in.  But I also desire photography, adventure, learning, and achieving goals so these are things that I try constantly to seek out to help keep life happy and in balance.  I speak with a lot of entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who are afraid to veer off the path and take risks to follow their passions.  It's something I've never once regretted and something that I defend passionately ever single day.  I've been told I'll never be successful for many reasons:  I don't live in NY or LA anymore, I'm not as good as one of my peers who is doing xyz better, I don't have enough Instagram followers, etc.  Despite a lot of non-believers and people questioning me,  I still will continue on and I hope that whatever your passions are, that you follow them bravely.  

Water is one thing that I follow passionately.  Sounds trivial but it keeps me in balance and brings me so. much. joy.  So much so that I recently seriously considered training to compete in Stand Up Paddle Boarding professionally just so I can run my lifestyle around the water.  I basically live in lycra as it is but when you add water sports to the agenda I'm practically growing surf fins.  But one thing I don't regret is deciding to search for more and be curious about the risk of the unknown.    

If you followed my book recommendations you may be familiar with the Eknath Easwaran translations of the Upanishads.  He makes an incredible point:

Human beings cannot live without challenge.  We cannot live without meaning.  Everything ever achieved we owe to this inexplicable urge to reach beyond our grasp, do the impossible, know the unknown.  The Upanishads would say this urge is part of our evolutionary heritage, given to us for the ultimate adventure: to discover for certain who we are, what the universe is, and what is the significance of the brief drama of life and death we play out against the backdrop of eternity.

There's a lot of uncertainty in my career house right now but I know that as long as I follow my desire to discover that I'll be fulfilled and I hope that you follow what it is that makes you insanely passionate! 


Photos taken at The Royal Suites Yucatan by Palladium.  I didn't include these in my wrap up but wanted to give them credit for providing me the opportunity to capture so much beautiful content!