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Sun Seeker

Calla In Motion

Sun Seeker

Lindsey Calla

The best days are always spent barefoot, sweaty and a bit disheveled.  I always love being away because it forces me to live with just what I brought in a suitcase.  It's a great study on the correlation between happiness and lack of clutter.  My mind feels free and it leaves room for my senses to be heightened which is what makes the experience of travel so enjoyable.  After Valladolid we continued on to Tulum, which still has magic even after the huge influx of tourists and new modern hotels.   I'll do a wrap up of my favorite spots and how to still have an authentic, zen palapa experience there soon.  It's still one of my favorite places in the world. 

  I found this workout set when I was in Sedona in the hotel gift shop.  I'm always so drawn to calm aura of the color blue.  The back detail on this bra sold me.  I wanted to shoot it in Sedona but it's much better suited by the ocean than by the red rocks. *I can't find the paisley pants online anywhere so I can't list them underneath to shop