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Peace vs Chaos

Calla In Motion

Peace vs Chaos

Lindsey Calla

My boyfriend and I love to stroll.  It moves way too slow to be considered a walk and doesn't really serve any purpose, but we make the same loop around the French Quarter looking at the same buildings remarking on the same charming details we see over and over and it's one of our favorite things to do together.  The simplicity is incredibly enjoyable.  On one of these walks last night I told him that I've been feeling really creatively inspired and also really clear-headed recently.  It's undeniably due to me choosing to live surrounded by peace instead of chaos.  It's a pact I made with myself and a pact we made together to make sure we don't lose track of the how beautiful simplicity can be.  In the past year or so it feels like the whole world lives by what everyone else is doing.  It's about accumulating more, one-upping each other, oversharing, overstimulating, etc. The list goes on.  It's the one thing I enjoy the least about having a job that's rooted in the internet.  It's become a world of inspiration but also a world of chaos.  Staying true to my own self becomes harder but I always find that bringing myself back to the things that trigger clarity, creativity and authenticity always keeps me on the right path.  

Here are some of the things I've done to help myself live a life of peace

  • Listen to others but hear yourself.  One of the things that always makes me crazy is when other people give their opinion.  I always used to think everyone else knew better than I did but lately I've learned to listen to them but hear myself and what my gut and head says.  Other people's insight can be powerful but not as powerful as my own intuition.
  • Find a calm trigger. I always knew what triggered my anxiety but I never focused on what triggered a feeling of peace and calm.  For me it's nature and it's anything from bringing a plant into my house to taking a trip to the desert, the beach, hiking etc.  Nature and water are my peace triggers and I prioritize surrounding myself with those things.
  • Slow down.  Growing up in the Northeast and living for over 8 years in New York City basically trained me to think that slowing down meant death to career, relationships, and creativity.  I used to rush everything.  I accomplished a lot of amazing things that I wanted to accomplish but I was surrounded by chaos.  My apartment was always a mess, my nails were chewed to bits, I had horrible sleep anxiety and it just wasn't healthy.  Learning to slow down has been the best thing I've ever done for myself and for my creativity.  It's also made me realize that the same results can happen and maybe even turn out even better if I take my time.  I've learned to trust my path and let go of the things that never worked out and not dwell on it.  There's a reason for everything. 

Photos: Marianna Massey
Top: Olympia Activewear