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Performance Protein and the Importance of Recovery

Calla In Motion

Performance Protein and the Importance of Recovery

Lindsey Calla

Protein has played probably one of the most important roles in my life as an athlete.  It's always been something that I've put as a priority in my diet.  From a performance stand-point I need to keep my energy up with something clean, simple and energy-giving.  Last year, I trained 2 hours a day in intense Ashtanga practice, which was basically breaking down my body and old habits and building it back up new.  Now, my routine is much more varied and intense from constantly keeping it stimulated with high intensity Megaformer, Versaclimber and yoga all rotated.  I like to feel muscular so building and maintaining muscle is important to me and performance and recovery are two of the most important ways I achieve that.  

I'm excited to be working with Core Power over the next few months to help highlight the importance of protein and also shine a light on the simplicity of their products.  As wellness and clean-eating is becoming a massive trend, that also means information is becoming saturated and hard to analyze.  It's easy to get stuck on buzz-words.  I've fallen trap to it and when I stop feeding my body the basic building blocks it needs, my energy suffers.  Also, like my skincare products, I like to know where ingredients come from and go back to basics.  I've stayed away from promoting fitness shake after fitness shake like most fitness bloggers for all of these reasons.  

Here are some important things I look for in a recovery/protein product and why I'm choosing to partner with Core Power:

Clean Protein:  I've always used whey as a protein builder and the Core Power contains naturally occurring proteins: whey and casein.  There are no outside protein powders added.  I just really connected with the founders' story and the importance of making sure the creation and production is thought about and looked after.  They actually aren't labeled organic because they don't believe that designation goes far enough to make sure products are the healthiest.  I respect that!

Traceable Ingredients:  When I shop I try to look for items that have a very short list of ingredients both in skincare and in food.  Their milk source and parent company, fairlife, is a pretty cool company.  It's all boiled down to simplicity.  Happy cows, happy planet, happy humans.  They filter the milk the same way water is filtered so the nutrition stays in, including more protein (and it's lactose free).

Farm Fresh:  I think we all are beginning to be more mindful about how stuff works.  I recently read Prince Charles’ book Harmony and he makes a lot of really interesting points about farming practices, sustainability and the future of our planet.  I highly recommend the read!  On this point, the innovation behind how to mass produce and still respect the planet and keep us healthy is also a priority for this brand and honestly I’m excited to have the access to learn more and share more! 


Goal-Getter in Harmony

 I tend to think too much.  My Ayurvedic doctor told me just through reading my pulse that my mind races way too much.  Most of this, I have to admit, is from thinking about the future too much.  I think it’s partly due to being ambitious and constantly figuring out how to attain a goal.  Maintaining a balance in life is key now because we are lucky to be able to be goal getters and live in harmony with ourselves.  My main performance goal is to a holistic one.  Of course, I want to work towards better-toned arms and the like, but it has to be fueled from the inside-out from start to finish.   Setting goals requires setting intentions and committing to that.  Trust the process and our bodies will perform and give enough energy to power through a work day or a workout. 

Here’s to the goal getters! 


This post was created in partnership with fairlife, LLC.  All opinions are my own as always!