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Podcast: How to Heal using Conscious Breathing with Keith Mitchell

Calla In Motion

Podcast: How to Heal using Conscious Breathing with Keith Mitchell

Lindsey Calla

Episode 1.PNG

I’m so excited to share this episode with you all! When I first met Keith, I was completely taken by his inspiring personal story of injury and recovery, and then was floored by his extensive knowledge and experience on mindfulness. He weaves his athletic mindset in with modern wellness wisdom in a way that is incredibly unique and powerful . He’s been on a journey, both inner and outer, to release identity and discover what it really means to be human. From being paralyzed on the field to meditating in the pyramids, Keith has had to break down his old identity and find his ultimate purpose. There’s so much good information here and I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s what to expect:

1:50 The play that changed Keith’s life forever

4:20 Finding conscious breathing and how that affects our existence and well-being

8:38 How building a physical yoga practice helped heal and change the relationship with himself and his mind-body

13:27 Contemplative meditation, avoiding perfection and understanding opportunity

14:38 Struggling with releasing identity

18:06 Speaking truth to yourself, healing in a state of denial, dealing with conflict and adversity

22:33 The power of cleansing, teachers who affected Keith’s journey, Dr. Sebi, travel experiences in East Africa, Nepal

27:18 The duck orchid, nature’s version of chemotherapy

31:00 Nutrition, going from pre-game donuts to strictly vegan

34:31 Breaking down proteins and breath in a technical sense, being over-proteined, animal vs vegetable protein

41:00 Alkaline diet from source, Keith’s diet now, eating for expansion, breatharians

Thanks, everyone! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud as well. If you love it so far feel free to leave a rating/review on iTunes. <3