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Podcast: How to Trust Your Intuition Using Color & Plant Vibration

Calla In Motion

Podcast: How to Trust Your Intuition Using Color & Plant Vibration

Lindsey Calla


On today’s episode I travel to Sedona, Arizona, to sit down with Bhakta, my favorite Aura-Soma specialist at Mii Amo Spa. If you’re a longtime reader then this may sound familiar to you. It’s my 3rd time having this experience and I’ve written about the magic of the treatment a few times before on this platform. I’m so excited to bring it to life through audio so you can really get a good understanding of what it’s like to go through this process of letting color guide self-awareness.

Aura-Soma is a system of color, plant and crystal energies in over 100 equilibrium bottles. You stand in front of a wall of these bottles and wait to see which 4 bottles stand out to you. Then, the specialist acts as a translator and reads your personal being through the choices of color that you made. It’s wildly accurate and I’m always blown away by how my intuition overrides my analytical thinking and is drawn to the color vibrations that resonate with my inner soul. It helps keep some clarity of path and acts as a natural way to ensure that I truly do trust my own vision.

For reference, here are the bottles that I chose. You’ll hear Bhakta and I reference these as we hold them and talk through the meaning. This is a really personal treatment, however, her themes and nuggets of wisdom are incredibly inspiring applicable to everyone. It’s very ASMR, by the way, so sink into this and relax with a glass of wine or some hot tea. It’s especially soothing to creative energy so if you’re looking for something to paint to or write to, this is your jam!


Big thanks to Mii Amo Spa for letting me record this session. It’s the first time she has ever let anyone record a session and I’m so thankful for their continued support! If you have the chance to go on a Journey at Mii Amo I could not recommend it more! It’s truly life-changing and I promise you will get so much from the canyon. Message me if you go and I can help you choose treatments :-)

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Show Notes:

2:08 Plant color, the system of Aura-Soma, how colors we choose reflect our essential quality

4:10 The right and left side of the brain, how to use intuition rather than analytical thinking, Einstein

6:00 The creator of Aura-Soma, a blind woman who used intuition and plant color resonance to read energy

12:33 The principles of resonance and how it relates to our bodies and souls

27:13 Van Gogh, how he used color and intuition to guide his creative work

38:35 Trusting intuition

39:50 Gorgeous story of a Zen Monk falling off a cliff, finding strawberries and trusting where we are in the moment

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