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Podcast: Cultivating Personal Identity Through Seed & Why Seed Saving is a Wellness Practice with Jared Hagood

Calla In Motion

Podcast: Cultivating Personal Identity Through Seed & Why Seed Saving is a Wellness Practice with Jared Hagood

Lindsey Calla


I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Jared Hagood, organic farmer and founder of Lineage Seeds, as my latest guest on Archeology of the Journey Podcast. We met in Ojo Caliente where I sat down at the bar to pick up takeout and ended up staying for a few hours getting swept up in Jared’s passionate world of seed.

Sadly, I have zero experience gardening/farming/planting seeds. They’ve never played any significant role in any of my memories which is an unfortunate outcome of the rapid change our food system has gone through in the past few centuries. It wasn’t until I met Jared that I realized just how disconnected I was from the lineage of seed and how powerful it can be, just as powerful as yoga or meditation when it comes to finding a deeper connection. Humanity has been trading, passing down, cultivating, and storing seed for as long as we’ve been on the planet and it’s only recently that the connection has been lost. Jared is trying to heal this broken line in time. Instead of trusting seed saving to a few giant seed banks scattered throughout the world, he wants every single person, every family, to keep seeds in their homes in sacred vessels. As before, so is now.

He explains to me how seeds are tiny microchips of data. They store the memories and stories of our ancestors. When we continue to grow the heirloom seeds that they cultivated, we inherit those like a note passed through time. Jared took me up to the ruins of Ojo Caliente to help me better understand this connection. Scattered through the dirt and brush were broken pieces of seed pottery. Some had beautiful geometric designs and animal motifs painted on them. It’s a powerful reminder of what remains when something dies and it touched me deeply to have this experience. Jared’s seed pottery is made not too far from that exact spot, made in traditional ways using micaceous clay and filled with anasazi corn seed and a handwritten scroll. It’s corn he’s grown himself, that his teachers have grown, and ultimately can be traced back to the ancestors of Chaco Canyon. Participating in having this in your home means you’re contributing to the story. It’s just beautiful.


Take a listen to the podcast to hear more and check out his instagram page for info on the beautiful products he’s offering to the world. Jared is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about seeds, organic farming and will no doubt make you feel hopeful for the future.

You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud!

Show Notes

2:11 - How Jared found his calling as an organic farmer and seed entrepreneur

4:40- The journey of connecting back to food and land

6:13 - How seeds are microchips of data, what they store and how it can shape our identity

7:17 - How seeds are sacred and how they connect to grounding a personal spiritual experience

10:25- Seed intelligence

18:25- Jared’s lineage and how he used seed to connect to his ancestry

20:27- Why we don’t have to grow seed to contribute to the story and why we should all be seed keepers

22:00- Stories of cacao and amaranth and how working with plants create memories

24:20- The story behind Lineage Seeds and the clay pots he creates

25:30- The history of keeping seeds in clay pots and the sacred geometry behind Jared’s seed pot designs

30:10 - The story behind the Anasazi corn kept in the Lineage Seeds pots

32:00 - The cycle of the Ages, what age we are in now and how everything is connected and cyclical in nature/the universe, what happens when cultures collapse, Victory Gardens

35:09- The oldest seed ever germinated, how seeds last as a record of history, the mysterious evolution of corn

40:39- What’s in store for the future of Lineage Seeds