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Pre-Fall Workout Refresh

Calla In Motion

Pre-Fall Workout Refresh

Lindsey Calla

August is a month of reflection.  Throw in an eclipse and a powerful full moon and consider it a turbo charge for some serious introspection.  For a lot of people it’s the start of a new year, which means abrupt changes in routines and energy.  This transition from summer to fall is always a struggle for me personally.   As an Ayurvedic Vata dominant I tend to overdose on my vata-ness in the Fall and struggle to stay afloat creatively and energetically.   It’s a really strange season for me.  I used to try to ebb and flow with the change of seasons when I lived in the Northeast but now I basically have no season change.  It just goes from hot to less hot, basically.  What always helps is reconnecting with my happy triggers.  You know, the ones that without fail change a mood or kick you in the butt hard and fast. 

Here are my top 3:

  • Let nature be your motivator.  Water is my happy trigger and moving my workout near it always gives me a good burst of energy and sets up a mental rebalance.  I set my alarm extra early this morning to catch the stillness of the light and lake.  So, not only did I get in a great run, but I also was able to slip into a slightly meditative state by taking in the expansive water around me.  
  • Workout wardrobe refresh.  Nothing motivates like a new sports bra or pair of sneakers.  I've worn out so much of my summer workout gear in this sticky humid heat and have started to rave deeper fall colors like purples, deep blues and greens.  I picked up this Nike gear at Kohl's and everything is under $200.  A minimal investment to stay healthy and on course and they have a huge selection of fitness and wellness goods.  The bra is a favorite because it's soft and flexible.  Goes seamlessly from yoga bending to higher impact movement for me.  These shorts are legendary because of the moisture-wicking and stretchy side-panels.  Also, the shoes are so comfortable.  Great cushion for absorbing impact but also streamlined enough to wear around for an athleisure look. 
  • Get in Motion to Stay in Motion.  Another trigger is considering the rules of inertia.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion so let me encourage quick bursts of energy with, well, some quick bursts of energy.   Explosive movements, quick transitions through workout moves and a little speed.   Jumping rope, short sprints, running stairs are all really effective ways to increase energy, agility and speed

Let August be your refresh and catalyst to either a new exciting school year or an awesome finish to the beginning of the end of 2017!


This post was sponsored through Kohl's through their partnership with Popsugar.  While I was compensated to write a post about Kohl's all opinions are my own always!