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Red Rock Reflection

Calla In Motion

Red Rock Reflection

Lindsey Calla


This week is a time for reflection and preparation.  It’s finding the quiet peace to help make sense of the year that just passed and then using that knowledge to figure out how to better the future.  2015 was filled with creative projects, amazing new experiences, and newfound appreciation for things I never prioritized before.  I ended this exciting year with a winter solstice trip to Sedona and Boynton Canyon at Miiamo Spa and used the energy of the vortex to seek answers and inspiration. 

One of the things that I confirmed within myself is my appreciation of nature and the fresh air.  Turns out it’s a really big part of my physical make up according to the 5000 year old Ayurveda medicine tradition of understanding my Dosha balance.  I discovered that I’m Vata dominant, which associates with air and ether.  Being in the fresh air with my feet firmly on the ground makes me feel in balance.   The hiking in the area has incredible views and incredible energy.  With the weather being a bit strange (it snowed the morning we shot these photos), I took every opportunity to get outside before any more precipitation.   It was in the 40s here and 65 degrees in the Northeast, which just felt totally backwards.  That’s the thing with this area, though.  You never can quite tell what the canyon has in store.  

One of the projects I’m most proud of this fall was working with the iconic brand, Eddie Bauer, and have been so thankful to have so many pieces in my suitcase to prepare me for hikes in remote places.   Coats and shells to layer with and shoes that can withstand the test of slippery rocks were key to enjoying everything that a good hike has to offer.   I never thought I would have to pull out a parka in Arizona but here we are!  It really just worked out so perfectly because I was able to layer the shell under the parka for extra warmth while also mixing a palette of colors together that complemented the red rocks.  These pieces have gone on crazy adventures with me this year, especially the leggings, which I wore for all of my other hikes, the night I got in my car accident where they ended up covered in Wendy’s fondue cheese fries, and now to Arizona where I finish off reflecting on the year underneath Kachina Woman rock formation.   It will be interesting to see where 2016 takes me and I’m even more excited to share all of the adventures with you!  I have a ton more thoughts on what went down in Sedona on the solstice but I will save that for the next post.  

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Hope you had a wonderful holiday! 

Photos: Marianna Massey