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Round Hill Retreat

Calla In Motion

Round Hill Retreat

Lindsey Calla


There are few places that are so welcoming that they make me feel like I've been going there my whole entire life.  It wouldn't be so hard to believe here; most people that frequent Round Hill do come back year after year, season after season.  It's just one of those magical places.  Every corner of the resort feels private.  I went with a very small intimate group but I could see myself going back alone on a private solo retreat.  Rooms are designed with this classic airy feel c/o Ralph Lauren and if you're up for #villalife then you get to pick between a myriad of custom designed, privately owned villas and I don't know any of these people who own them but dang they seem like the coolest people around.   I mean, the cottage next to ours had a secret jungle tub, a hidden outdoor jungle shower and a secret secluded Balinese style bed with fluffy white pillows just sitting in the middle of a thick forest of palms.  How cool is that?  I would totally dream to do something like that but who actually does that?  This place is is so high on my wander well list.  

Not to mention, Jamaica itself is blooming.  It has been 10 years since my last visit and I don't know if I'm just hyper nature aware lately but I was swooning over the lush, mountainous rainforest island vibe.   The people are so friendly.  It actually reminded me a little of New Orleans from a soul perspective.  I fell in love with Nola because it has stories.  Its past is so rich and full of vibrant people who have this lust for life and become drawn to the city. They live so passionately that their zest stays in the air for years to come, enchanting people with their tales.  Round Hill has that same vibe.  Every meal was storytelling time.  It's been around since the early 1950s and has lived a damn good life to tell.  Not much has changed and that's a good thing.  Classic caribbean at it's best.

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It's one of the most privately accessible places I've visited.  Close to the airport but on property it feels like you're nestled into this paradise.  I also enjoyed Jamaica because it is just so plentiful.  The gardener on property deserves a medal because the flora is just absolutely enchanting.  They have been putting a big focus on wellness here at the resort which just only complements the chill, relaxed vibe.  Their facilities are world class, ultra luxurious but not even a little bit pretentious.  

Some of my favorite features

  • Beach library: There's a library right across from the beach that allows you to take as many books as you like on loan while you're on property.  Given the history of this place some of the book choices were fascinating!
  • Organic farm:  My favorite meal was the farm to table night where they use as many ingredients as possible from their organic farm on top of Round Hill.  It looks over all of Montego Bay and is the best place to watch the sunrise.  Also, plan a trip on a Monday to enjoy the beach bbq.  They set up tables and chairs on the beach, string lights from the trees and it's like floating through avatar while digging your feet in the sand drinking wine!
  • 10 acre Secluded Spa:  To get to the spa & yoga pavilion is meditational itself.  You walk along the water with jungle vines cascading around you.  Come to the great lawn and you have the choice to spa in a private adults only pool, workout in a 2000+ sq gym, find peace in the open air yoga pavilion or just chill on the ocean-front lawn if sand isn't your thing.  It's its own sanctuary far removed from any distraction you could possibly think of.  Try the Jamaican coffee scrub and have a Vichy shower experience outside in the hidden jungle area.
  • The Tubs, oh the Tubs!  Y'all know by now my love affair with a good tub.  There were so many on property I could barely count them all.  And most of them are so private you will never even catch a glimpse of them.  I stayed in Cottage 11 in room 61 and had the most incredible outdoor tub experience.  You can rent this room and not the whole villa if you'd like.  
  • Ocean Horseback Riding:  The resort can arrange swimming with horses in the ocean.  Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds! The horses love the ocean as much as we do and it makes for a really unique experience in nature riding through the rainforest and then through this gorgeous lagoon.
  • Enjoy the Bounty:  One of the lovely staff members brought us the largest avocado life can offer from her garden.  The island has a lot of locally grown and naturally occurring roots, fruits and veggies.  Cassava was a favorite.
  • Stush in the Bush:  We didn't have time to go here but everyone local recommended a trip up the mountain to see Stush in the Bush.  It's a vegan farm restaurant run by a lovely couple who quite literally have a bed in their kitchen.  It's so super on the down low.  Only about 12 people a day can go and everything is prepared from their jungle mountain garden.   It's described as sexy vegetarianism Rastafari chic.  Such a cool concept!
  • Kids Club:  I really know absolutely nothing about having children myself BUT all my friends have children and are in that phase of life.  They have an awesome program for kids on property and it's very friendly.  I would recommend this to my friends looking for a getaway with the kids for sure. 
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I can't recommend Round Hill enough!  If you're looking for a solo getaway, a romantic getaway or a family getaway this is really one to put on your list!  I also got to fly my drone here for the first time which was one of the best ways to showcase the expanse and beauty of this gorgeous island!  I will be back soon.  I really want to do some waterfall hikes! *Puts on list*