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Calla In Motion


Lindsey Calla

Tulum is a place that always pops up on my radar as a place to reset help reset my energy when I feel out of balance.  It's obvious that everyone else has discovered the power here, for better and for worse.  June is an interesting time to visit because the crowds dissipate and it feels remote again.  The past few times I've been here I found myself wanting to be at the Sanara Resort property so I finally booked myself a stay here to experience it first-hand.  It's a complete wellness retreat offering a gorgeous glass box yoga space, the most delicious gluten/dairy free restaurant based off of coconut, and a series of holistic energy treatments at their wellness center.  The rates were cut in half because it was slightly off season and the air-conditioned rooms make it the best option for summer travel.

I requested a Shirodhara treatment so they brought in Leo, one of the best masseuse/healers in Tulum, to combine the Ayurvedic treatment with a traditional Mayan massage using crystals.  The combination of the two was incredibly powerful.  I highly suggest specially requesting him if you visit.  The Mayan massage is similar to Ayurvedic massages I've had where they focus on massaging the stomach, which helps move around bad energy and also realign the organs.  It's purifying and his use of copal essence and crystals added to the sensation of the hot oil thudding against my third eye.  

On the bottom floor rooms facing the ocean there are clawfoot tubs next to hammocks on the outdoor patios. The sounds of the jungle meeting the ocean was the perfect relaxation playlist.  Being in tune with nature plays a big role here and the hotel offered to wake us at night if they find sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.  We didn't get so lucky but as I strolled along the shore for my morning walk I smiled thinking of the possibility of life growing beneath my sandy feet.  

There are so many wellness offerings now in Tulum and around the beach road but staying on property includes everything I would need to detox and readjust.  The menu of the restaurant is one of the best I've come across while traveling and my skin felt glowing after even just a few days of cutting dairy and refined sugar out of my diet.  I'm less interested in going on big group retreats where you're stuck in itineraries with different people and I love that this hotel gives the option to be well but on my own terms.  Definitely put it on your list of places to stay.  It's truly magical!