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Calla In Motion


Lindsey Calla

How to Train Like an Ocean Race Champion

Happy Friday!  One of the other events we participated in during our trip to Alicante with Team SCA was a sunrise workout with the team and their trainer.  The level of fitness the girls need to have is incredible and it only comes with a constant focus on strength training, team building, and fierce endurance.  It's a different level of training that I haven't experienced since I trained for lacrosse season in college and even though I now do tons of yoga and strength exercise it just doesn't compare.   So what does a training routine entail?

Beach Circuit 


Lunges x 35 (yes, THIRTY FIVE)
I usually do a series of walking lunges 10x up and back but 35 forward and 35 backward takes it to another level.  Having a partner definitely helped boost moral and support and your challenging your body to do both forward and backward lunges. My legs were FIRED UP.

Plank Hops x 2
The team lays on the ground holding plank position while the end girl gets up and hops over each team member.  It's repeated until each member goes twice.

Wheelbarrow Race
This is an oldie but goodie, but for some reason it seemed WAY easier when I doing it in middle school.  It's great for shoulder and arm strength and you have to engage your core to stay up.  These girls make it look easy!  I'm dying for that muscle tone in my arms. It' s the one area I've always had trouble toning.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

It makes perfect sense for the girls to use the water in their training since they will barely see any dry land throughout the year.  We raced around the buoy on the boards and back to shore and the best part about training with these ladies was the spirit of comradery. I felt part of a team again and I LOVE that.  I'm the girl who is kneeling on the board in the photo below.  I got down on my stomach to ride the waves in and I got demolished by a wave and tumbled onto shore so clearly my strategy did not work!  They also did a swimming race around the buoy after as well. 

Mountain Run

Alicante is positioned right on the water next to a huge mountain that is home to the ancient fortress/castle.  It's basically a fitness girl's heaven because what could be better than running/walking up a huge hill only to be greeted with the prize of a castle!?  I love anything uphill for the butt and back of the legs.

That's really just skimming the surface but these are a lot of training exercises that are really easy to duplicate at home and work into your routine.  Thanks for reading and coming along with me on this adventure!

Weight Training