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Seamless Energy in Movement and Stillness

Calla In Motion

Seamless Energy in Movement and Stillness

Lindsey Calla

Stillness is not the absence of energy, life, or movement. Stillness is dynamic. It is unconflicted movement, life in harmony with itself, skill in action. It can be experienced whenever there is total, uninhibited, unconflicted participation in the moment you are in–when you are wholeheartedly present with whatever you are doing.
— Erich Schiffmann

There are the days or moments in yoga when everything feels seamless.  I show up to the mat and move through a flow that just feels right.  Everything clicks.  I'm lighter than air and free from tension in places that normally fight against me.  On two occasions this happened recently, one was in Puerto Rico when I borrowed their massage tree houses early in the morning for a yoga session where I stuck my handstand for 10 seconds easily, and the other was when I did yoga in Times Square this year and felt strangely strong and unaware of the chaos behind me.  

It's in the expectation to be so perfect every time that keeps me practicing because there is never perfection.  The body changes every day and every day is different.  The one consistency, at least, is in what I wear to practice, to help keep me confident, committed and free.  These clothes have a flow of their own.  They breathe in and out with me with compression and ventilation in all that proper places.  There's an excitement I have each season with adidas by Stella McCartney.  If you read here often it's pretty apparent that feeling exists and this month I have the unique opportunity to create content with them, for them and breathe a spirited life-force of inspiration together.  Their yoga and studio collection this fall is modern and sophisticated in my favorite palette of neutrals that feels incredibly refined.  There's an intuitive feeling that the body has in yoga that the clothing should reflect.  Body movements should be complimented with ingenuity to be free and seamless.  That is 21st century yoga.      

There's an innovative structure blocking in the pieces that makes sport feel sophisticated.  For me, my lifestyle is really a reflection of what you see on this site.  It's an uncompromising commitment to health but never leaving behind my desire to want to continue to be mindful of style.  The two coexist so beautifully together and strength is something to aspire to.  Strength should be embraced and have a push pull of masculine and feminine energy.  I keep coming back to the adidas by Stella McCartney line for that exact reason.  Muscle and all, I can fit the clothes and the clothes fit me, working together as a team to knock down new goals.

The style aspect of yoga is sometimes strange to the east vs west views of what yoga should be but ultimately for me it helps me stay motivated and fits seamlessly into my lifestyle.  There's a balance that can be found easily so when I show up to the mat and then leave the mat it's all seamless.  I can step outside knowing that I everything that works and can be wearable.  That in itself keeps me present.  It's in that quote in the beginning that brings it back to that paradox of moving so quickly in life but also being able to find stillness and ultimately, peace of mind.  It's from studio to street that I move most often to and from now and how incredibly exciting to be in a time when style meets function in such a beautiful harmony.  I urge you to continue to be aware of how much energy can be found in stillness and how much stillness needs to be found in energy whether it's through work or travel or whatever it is that keeps us spinning like a top.      

Yoga outfit 1
adidas by Stella McCartney: Seamless tights, Seamless top

Yoga outfit 2
adidas by Stella McCartney: Seamless Mystery Tights, Seamless MysteryThree-quarter tee

Yoga outfit 3: 
adidas by Stella McCartney black jacket, ultra boost shoe, 3/4 tee, tights

   Photos: Marianna Massey