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Sg x adidas Bikini Bootcamp

Calla In Motion

Sg x adidas Bikini Bootcamp

Lindsey Calla

Summer is officially here! The weather has taken an amazing turn for the best and bikini season has kicked into full swing. I always try to up my health and fitness in the weeks leading up to summer but I really kick it into high gear once I realize that it’s ACTUALLY here. There are a few things I do to make sure I keep my metabolism up and maintain the work I put in beforehand and I’ve partnered with adidas and Refinery 29 to give you a little summer bikini bootcamp boost. Let’s start with the cardio.

I hate endurance running. I was always someone who preferred short bursts of energy to keep my focus rather than a long run at a slow, consistant pace. The shorter bursts of energy really challenge your heart rate so I jog/walk a few blocks then sprint for 30 seconds and repeat. Some days I just walk 4 miles and some days all I have time for is a few suicides, but I always try to keep some type of cardio involved. It’s also a time when I get away from my computer and a lot of ideas pop into my head. I find that an effective cardio routine is a personal preference depending on what works for your body. I suggest switching it up constantly so you are always challening your body to react to something new and kick into high gear.

- If you’re on the treadmill: Set a time that is comfortable for your level of endurance (20 min, 30 min, 45 min etc). Walk/jog for 2 min, sprint for 30 seconds. If you hate sprinting or even jogging for that matter, walk 2 minutes and then up the incline for 30 sec-1 minute. Repeat.

I always combine strength and toning movements into my workouts and an exercise ball is an affordable and effective piece of fitness equipment to keep around the house/gym. For both the cadio and strength I chose the Techfit boyshorttank, Supernova bra and Boost shoe. The shorts are really thin and feel almost like second-skin and they DON’T ride up which is key when you’re running or moving around. All of these pieces are really lightweight options so they are optimal for training in the heat. Here are the ball workouts that I  like to incorporate into my exercise routine:

Wall Sit

  • Lower into a squat against the ball until your thighs are parallel with the floor (watch that your knees don't go past your feet).  Squat against the ball for 30-60 seconds.  I repeat 3 times 

Pike & roll

  • Start with your knees tucked and the tops of your feet resting against the ball.  Push your feet out until you come to a pike position.  Roll back to start.  Make sure to keep your arms strong and don't scrunch them to your shoulders.  It's all about keeping strength in your core, not your shoulders.  Do 10 reps per set x 3.

Side Leg Raise

  • Lay on your side and squeeze the ball between your feet.  Lift your legs off the ground and back down 5-10 times per set depending on your strength.  Times 3. 

The Back Crunch

  • Don't pull your neck up here.  You want to use your core and your back to lift yourself off of the ball and back down.  Do a set of 5, 3-4 times 


  • Put the ball between your ankles.  Lift up and try to meet your hands to the ball.  Don't scrunch your neck or shoulders.. Again, it's about using your core to lift off and touch.  5-10 reps.  Repeat 3 times.

There you have it!  I always have way more energy after I complete this series.  It just makes everything feel tight and right.  Everyone says, if you can't tone it, tan it.. but I say, let's tone it and tan it!  *Don't forget that you can pin gifs to Pinterest now if you want to bookmark these exercises. See you on the sand!