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Solar Eclipse Yoga Sequence

Calla In Motion

Solar Eclipse Yoga Sequence

Lindsey Calla


Wait, did you guys hear that a total solar eclipse is happening? Do you have your glasses?  Are you sick of hearing about it or really excited? Well, maybe this will be helpful because I just love nerding out on celestial themed things, especially when my Moon ruler is involved.  That piece of dust and rock runs my life.  


In Ashtanga, practicing on a new moon and full moon isn't recommended traditionally.  On a new moon the energy just isn't strong enough for us to go through a full huge sequence.  So moon sequences are sometimes substituted so we can still get on the mat and not deplete ourselves too much.  The eclipse throws a whole big curveball in all of that.  We have the energy of the sun, the moon and a special alignment.  I won't miss a chance to practice on this day because there must be some great energy and strength to gain from it.  It will also help settle my mind.  I'm supposed to be flying actually on Monday to Turks & Caicos.  At the moment there's a hurricane looming and I don't even want to know how a major celestial event influences weather patterns.  What will this all even look like traveling up at 30,000 feet?  So many questions. 

I sort of crafted this sequence based on all of these special circumstances.  There's a sun salutation to start, which is how I always start my practice (5 of them, usually).  But rather than continue through my normal series I added a moon salutation which I love because it just stretches out the kinks.  Then I honor the female energy with strong goddess poses and flows.  Then to finish it all out I ground with a pigeon and twisted pigeon series to let the weight of my energy just let go.  It's pretty quick but enough to make you feel like you've given yourself something great.  With so much buzz it's great to take a little time on Monday just for yourself!

All of these can be linked together for one continuous flow of can be cherry-picked.  I hate when everyone just gets so sticky about rules.  Just do what feels good.  This feels great to me but judge your body!

Solar Warm Up

Using the positive energy of the sun to bring heat to the body.  Five rounds. 

Lunar Beginnings

Set intention for new beginnings.  One round, holding each pose for 5 breaths.

Goddess Vibe

Empowerment, strength, balance and flow. 

Eclipse Twist 

Purification and grounding 

Hope you enjoy the energy! 

Top:  Phat Buddha
Pants: Ultracor