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Solstice Yoga in Times Square

Calla In Motion

Solstice Yoga in Times Square

Lindsey Calla

There's never a reason to be anxious in June.  It was always my positive month filled with long days, lots of light and a satisfying feeling knowing the whole summer is ahead.  The solstice is the apex of this positivity as it falls only a few days from my birthday and the energy of all of the excess light is calming to me. I've been making a point to spend less time in the city and more time exploring nature and surrounding myself with things that I know make me calm.  The real test of finding my calm through yoga and other meditations is putting myself in situations that feel uncomfortable and using my practice to overcome those emotions.  Last year on the solstice I was invited by Athleta to participate in their yoga in Times Square event.  I freaked out. My practice wasn't nearly as developed mentally and physically and I spent the whole time incredibly afraid of being in the middle of such a chaotic place trying to do poses and inversions. If you've ever experienced a true anxiety attack you know that the stiffness can feel like paralysis.  It's all mental.  This year, I took the same challenge and the outcome is truly a reflection of just how amazing yoga can be for the body and mind.  I showed up in the same exact spot, took a breath and flowed through the class like I was in a private yoga studio.  No outside noise, no panic.  I even flipped my perspective in an inversion and opened my eyes.  Through my practice I have found the awareness to be present in myself and the moment.  Send the breath to the places that feel uncomfortable, I told myself.  I breathed, I appreciated just how special it is to find calm in the madness.  It's a reminder that there's nothing too big that our minds can't control.

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